Wing Waxers

Just had my plane done by Jim Cutshall of Wing in [Virginia. Jim made his way up in the fog this morning and worked all day on my plane (as well as one other based at BWI). He did a fine job for a very fair price.

They deoxidize the plane then treat the plane with a Teflon sealant as well as clean the interior and windows. One warning…Teflon is VERY, VERY slippery. If you were to find yourself wandering off the wing walk area, you might find yourself on the floor of your hangar in about 1.8 seconds. You won’t know what hit you. Could make for a very embarrassing incident! [;)]


I thought you had to wait 6 months before you can wax your plane. Am I wrong? (Been wanting to wax my bird since day 1)

I developed a product we use in the glass industry. It makes glass scratch resistant, dirt resistant, bug resistant, makes bug removal easy and it helps shed glass of dirt and water and is very easy to apply. You apply it like Windex. It is water based and thatÂ’s all I will tell you. The only negative feature is it doesnÂ’t hold up long term under UV light and has to be re applied. Another good thing is itÂ’s non toxic, does not smell, and clear in color. IÂ’m testing it on fiberglass, and painted fiberglass surfaces like the Cirrus.

I will keep you posted when IÂ’m ready to make another million, but would sell it to Cirrus owners at a much lower price.

Norm N6839R SR22

I have been searching the web for information about Wing Waxers, and following this thread. How did the planes look when they were done, and how long did it actually last? I found the Wing Waxers home page, and an article in Aviation Consumer, but I would like other opinions.

I bought the do-it yourself two-step kit from Wing Waxers and we did our SR22 partially with a powered random/orbital polisher and partially by hand. The plane looks incredible and is slippery as snot.
(1) The people that sold me the stuff were very helpful
(2) The stuff went on easy
(3) It worked great and, by all accounts I expect it to last a long time… I’ve flown about 40 hours since the wax job and there has been no noticable degradation in the finish.
(4) Dirt (bird droppings and ramp dust) hose right off now… I used to have to scrub.

I was so impressed by this stuff that I used it on my car also.

-Mark H Yellen

How “slippery” was your plane after the wax job. Was the spinner “shiny” like new. I had my plane done by Wing Waxers of Bakersfiled, Ca yesterday and they did a terrible job. They finished in 2 hours . The paint oversprays were still there and the surfaces were still rough. My spinner was awful. I had to make then do it again. I will check again today if they did any better.

I think its three months.


The magical time is 90 days. So, if you’ve past that point, feel free to wax her up! My plane had been done since January (got pics to prove it!). So I was well beyond the time limit.

What do they charge for the 22? How long is it good for? Does it matter if the plane is not hangered in terms of longevity? How do you find them (wingwaxers)?

I stand corrected. … Looking forward to getting my bird waxed.


Prices may vary, so I don’t want to include any prices on an open forum. Best to call your local Wing Waxer (see my original post for a link). As far as how long it lasts, they recommend every six months. Bugs, water spots, bird droppings, etc just wipe right off. I can only imagine that the more exposure to the elements, means a sooner re-application.

I was told once a year by wing waxers and by others who have used them over the years. I believe these planes have been hangered. Looks great!

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Prices may vary, so I don’t want to include any prices on an open forum. Best to call your local Wing Waxer

We discuss all kinds of maintenance prices in an open forum.

I was quoted $345 for the exterior and $45 for the interior by the NC/SC Wingwaxers franchisee. That is for a -20. I would expect that the -22 would be the same price since it is not based on TAS or Climb rate. I am scheduled for the first week in June.

Hi Mike.

I had mine done a few months ago. You can check it out when we go flying soon.


I have seen advertisements and heard about Wing Waxers, but have not seen any of their work. How did it look, and how is it holding up? Did the guy from NC do your plane?


My job was done very well. A lot of care was taken to cover every square inch including the spinner. The inside and outside was also done well.

Can’t tell you about how long it will last. However, bugs do come off much easier (they don’t require a lot of elbow grease. Overall, I am happy. My guess is that a twice a year application will be necessary.

I was so impressed by this stuff that I used it on my car also.

How did it work on the car?

Can it be used on the windshield as well?


They told me not to use the wax on the windscreen.

I used the new guy out of Sacramento this spring, it took him all day. Great job and really slick