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Went to buy some Greased Lightning today. Someone in the past had recommended it for cleaning the oily side. On the label it say’s “Do not use on painted surfaces”. Anyone been using this stuff. Also, someone recommended Dow Bathroom Cleaner. It’s time to clean and I need help. I’m not ready for Wing Waxers just yet.

See a thread on the Members Forum which began 4/28/02 (click hereclick here) for reports on both [ target=]( target=)WashWaxAll Heavy Duty and Dow Bathroom Cleaner.

I have used it on the bottom about 5 times realy cleans fast. No signs of any problems for lighter cleaning i use wash wax all heavy duty. And wash wax all reguler for the top. From Don


I have no advice on the cleaner, but for what ever it’s worth, after I shelled out Plenty-'O-$$ for a Wing Waxer job (don’t get me wrong - it was worth every dime), I decided to never let the belly get that way again… so finally I’m doing what my mother told me to when I was a kid: I clean up after myself (well, clean the belly after every flight). There’s always SOMETHING there, but it’s never enough to take more than a few seconds to take care of. So now it’s always clean.


I noted that most of you on this kind of matter say:“there is no silicone on protuct”. Silicone is something to avoid for clean Cirrus surface?
I know that many products that works fine on paint like car or… works fine on paint (especially for remove grease, insect, asphalt for long time after one treatment).

Mike, what do you use?

I have tried a product called Race Glaze. It goes on easy and wipes off easy. I have been told that 6 months later it will still wipe off just as easy. There is no silicone in the product.

I have put the product on most of the plane and have applied it to the belly. After a flight the oil actually beads up on the plane. At this point I can wipe the oil off with a paper towel and no additional solvent. I tried waiting one week before wiping it off, and while it still works, it works better the same day. I don’t know how Turtle Wax or anything else would work. I am happy with the product and would recommend its use.

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Mike, what do you use?


The only things I’ve used are the Wash-Wax-All (Heavy Duty), and whatever WingWaxers put on (which they call a “Teflon Treatment”). Dave Raab’s Race Glaze sounds good, too, and I’ll try that when I get the chance.

My experience has been that if you wipe the belly after each flight, it’s easy to maintain; if you don’t wipe it for 50 hours of flying, it’s going to be tough no matter what you’ve used.


PS - Wiping after each flight, I’ve found that the LENGTH of the goop streak is a good indicator of time aloft. After 4 hours or so, it reaches the tail. It’s pretty linear. It’s also arguably the single most useless fact I’ve ever discovered.

Ciao Maurizio,

In one of the handouts that you receive when you pick up your bird, it states “Do not use silicone based products for cleaning or waxing”

Hope this is helpful.


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Silicone is something to avoid for clean Cirrus surface?

Hi Maurizio,

Yes, avoid it. Cirrus has told me that since it’s a releasing agent, it’s extremely difficult to get paint to stick anyplace where Silocone has been, so later touch-up work is a problem.

Various people who know a lot about paint have told me that Silicone gradually migrates through the paint, eventually (over years) getting between the paint and the surface it’s on, and that leads to the paint tending to flake off. Apparently, this is true of cars, too, but we don’t keep them long enough for this to be a factor. I also remember seeing an article by a furniture restorer lamenting the fact almost all the sprays and other wood treatments contain Silicone - for the same reason… the Silicone migrates through the varnish, so that he’s forced to sand down antique pieces before he can apply a new finish.

I do use a spray called Gel Gloss that contains Silicone - but only on the Aluminum spinner. I put it on (very carefully) after I polish the spinner. It does a great job of protecting the finish after my hard labor.

I remember a bunch of posts on the pros and cons of Silicone some time back - I’m sure you’d find them with the SEARCH function.


Thank you.
I’m in business on fiberglass and composites helmets.
I know that silicone based polish or protector give good maintenace on paint helmets.
What Mike said above is fully right. I “only” forgot that we suggest to our cusstomer to change their helmets after 5 year usage, while an composites aircraft must live some decades…

Mike, Are you using the “Faucet Brite” product from Gel Gloss, or one of their other products? Which one? Thanks, gary

After reading all the labels in the store I decided to use Mequiars “Extra”. It took off the grease and oil in seconds. I planned on spending the day cleaning and was done in an hour. Good stuff, safe for painted surfaces.

Anyone have experience with Carbon X sold by Sporty’s?

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Mike, Are you using the “Faucet Brite” product from Gel Gloss, or one of their other products? Which one?


Not sure - it’s the spray can on the right in the picture:


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Anyone have experience with Carbon X sold by Sporty’s?

Yep… it works, but sounds to me like the stuff Bob Simica uses is easier.


Thanks. Plan to try it next week. CD had some stuff at Duluth I used before coming back here. Didn’t get the name but it worked well. Will try Mcquires next.