Who should speak at M16 in Las Vegas?

Your M16 team is busy working on making M16 in Las Vegas (Henderson), NV a great event. In case you missed it, the dates are October 11-14, and more info can be found HERE.

Based on great feedback from our recent attendees, we will be reducing the total number of educational sessions from 18 to 12, which will allow more time for members to socialize, attend the trade show, and catch the sessions without feeling rushed.

Whether you have attended every COPA annual event or if M16 will be your first, we want your feedback on our topics and speakers.

  1. What educational topics would you like to hear about?
  2. Which speakers do you want to hear from?
  3. Do you know of a great speaker on an aviation topic who has not presented to COPA?

Feel free to post here, or shoot me a PM, or email me at SWilliams@SmallBusinessLaw dot Org.

One of the biggest improvements in Migration since the old era was eliminating the prize giveaway during the Saturday dinner. Migration is one of the only opportunities for members to talk face-to-face, and the banquet is a great time to do so.

The feedback on speakers and topics thus far has been, well, underwhelming. Perhaps we should just hold an Elvis impersonation contest and see who shows up…

I don’t know if you have had Rod Machado earlier, but I like him.

We did have Rod way back (M3?) but I don’t think he’s touring anymore and he was (and probably still is, if available) expensive. I like him, too.

I would love George Carlin but we’re too late. [:(] I can’t come up with anybody. Last year is hard to top.

I vote for Angelina Jolie.

Weather and IFR refreshers.

Alton Brown (Chef)

Jason Young (Former director of Employee and Customer relations Southwest Airlines)

Well I guess you didn’t like my private recommendation. Again I think he would be great

Here are 2 more for consideration:

Captain Charlie plumb - Naval fighter pilot - POW - Motivational speaker- National speaker assoc. Hall of Famer. - https://charlieplumb.com/

Matt Guthmiller - Aviator, YouTuber, entrepreneur, professional speaker, and student at MIT - Youngest solo Aviation circumnavigator - http://www.mattguthmiller.com/

AB drives a Cessna… but yes, would be sweet.

Does Angelina still have a cirrus? Wonder if she ghosts the COPA forum…

Did they eliminate prize giveaways all together or just move it to a different time?

It’s now done during a lunch break.

Karl Karlgaard (Forbes Mag, or Miles O’brien (the real part of fake news CNN), both Cirrus pilots

Umm, that would be Rich Karlgaard, who is a former SR22 owner–but a fine choice all the same!


An “educational topic” I have always wanted to see is a frank discussion about real world flying in potential icing conditions. For example, should you be executed for quickly traversing a potential icing layer to VFR conditions, which is how a lot of us fly. For those of us W2 guys with kids in college , just moving up to a FIKI may not be a realistic option. To find an FAA guy that is a GA pilot, that also flies (no kerosene) in the northeast…would be a huge draw for one of the education sessions. Since one of our members was busted a few years back for an icing pirep, it’s had a chilling effect on how many of us fly, and on whether or not we should risk an icing pirep. Would be a great way to open a dialog and maybe cut a deal with the FAA about such matters.

If you’re thinking of the Buffalo New York fiasco, that wasn’t a COPA member or a Cirrus. Threads here and here. (Should look familiar; you started and/or participated in those threads!) Are you aware of a Cirrus that went down that path?

I’m looking forward to my first Migration.

How about Mark Vanhoenacker on the big-picture, romantic/magical perspectives of flying? I love his book but have no idea if he’s a dynamic speaker.

And our own Jim Fallows, if he’s not too busy in London? Another big-picture synthesizer of global aviation trends, cultural forces, and political realities.

Already on my list.

It was not a Cirrus but he was, and is, a dues paying COPA member. Not sure that it matters…an agent of the FAA destroyed a guy because of a pirep. High wing, low wing, metal or plastic …we are all potentially at risk.