Migration 13 website(s) are alive!

After a furious flurry of emails and a lot of late nights by our very own John Ylinen and ExecutiveEvent’s Deb Bartlett, aided at various times by other members of the M13 Planning Team, the Migration 13 websites are up and running! Time for a big Texas yeeeeeehawwww … and time to sign up! [:D]

  1. For COPA members (or to register Exhibitor attendees), mosey on over to http://www.regonline.com/copam13 .
  2. If you are a COPA member (and are therefore able to read this post) but need to register for an Exhibitor booth in the Trade Show, first head to http://www.regonline.com/exhibitorwebsitem13 . After registering for your booth, you will receive an Exhibitor Code that’s used to register your attendees under #1.
    Be sure and read through the entire website even if this is your 13th Migration! (Yes, a few COPA member have been to every single one!) We’ve packed in a lot of info, and you really don’t want to miss anything. To help ensure that you don’t skip anything, we’ve even added a simple checklist at the top of the home page. Plus, to quickly provide an overview of this year’s activities, Migration 13-at-a-Glance follows shortly after said checklist. But, I don’t need to prattle on… Head to the website and find out for yourself!

I’ll see you at Migration!


As a new member and first time migration attendee, my other half and i were (almost) the first to sign up. Can’t wait to put a lot of faces to a LOT of sarcastic, belittling, brow beating, humorous, incredibly helpful, know-it-all posts! I still post with trepidation as to the responses.

Its a bit of a hike from Oregon so we already booked on United.com, but who knows by September a quick 1500mile jaunt might seem almost routine (doubt it).

Really looking forward to meeting lots of names I see daily on this site… no really I am!


Fifteen hundred miles is a long way, no matter how you cut it! It’s not so much how you get to Migration, it’s that all y’all come to Migration! I look forward to meeting you there!

p.s. Don’t forget I live in Duluth if there’s anything I can do for you ! [H]

Be safe and have fun,

Craig, David Schwietert, and Bill Myers have done a tremendous job of bring the best and brightest in the Cirrus Community to education us on our aircraft and flying Look at the session details on Tab 3. If you have ADS-B questions, you do not want to miss this migration.

When reading the registration web site, please make sure you read all FOUR tabs. See below. Many do not know or see the other pages of information.

And don’t forget to visit the M13 Migration site on Facebook, where you’ll be kept in the loop with lots of details as things unfold.


Everyone should “Like” the M13 Facebook page Dennis has set up. He has done a great job of capturing the social activities that we will all enjoy and I am sure he will continue to surprise us with “unique” feeds!

Thanks to John for laboring many many hours to provide these websites (Attendee and Exhibitor). Simply put, we wouldn’t have gone live for several weeks without John’s very good work.

And as John notes- take a look at the Tabs before and after you register. There is tons of content about the event that will really help in planning your M13 experience.

And David Schweitert has lined up a tremendous program of speakers for us- from ADS-B, to upgrade paths, and how to pimp your plane just to mention a few, David has arranged to have the best and the brightest present to us.

Finally, I do believe the Tradeshow will have some great Exhibitors, from the largest airplane and avionics manufactures to the treasures of the Cirrus community, they are going to be there in force!

It looks to be a fantastic event!

Can’t wait to meet everybody. Looking forward to my wife getting some instruction in the partners in command course. It’s a big step for her.

The best way to meet the gang is to get involved as a volunteer at M13.

So, what job can I put you in for? BTW, that goes for everyone !!!

What do you need me to do? I can get there early Thursday. Maybe even Wednesday evening.

BINGO . . . . That’s 1 . . .You’re hired. We’ll be in touch.

We’ll be needing volunteers as targets for our gun range evening, but we’ll save that job for those who sign up late. Nobody seems to want that job

COPA; 4000 of the finest volunteers on earth.

I was shocked. No room upgrades as of Saturday June 6th. ???


Hey John… I deeply resemble that remark.

Thank you for all of your hard work in making this great.


Got us the “Coolest” flight jacket as our special apparel for Migration. Reason enough to come to Migration and get this great jacket. You have to register “on-time” to get the great discount, as we have to place the order early for the great price. After that they go up substantially.

Thanks Tim, can’t wait to wear mine. Register ON TIME folks. Don’t put it off because you are not sure if you will be free, use the insurance feature.

365 followers so far, and counting. Stop by; click “LIKE”; share the site with your aviator friends.

COPA is a volunteer organization. Do your part to make this a great event.


Thank you and all volunteers in their efforts so far on putting on another Migration.

Can you explain if there is a formal process on how speakers / experts are invited / assigned to speak at Migration? If there was a post on COPA on the opportunity to serve as speakers at Migration, I apologize that I missed that post.

I am not questioning the qualifications of the current list of speakers, in fact, they are certainly very well qualified.

I just wonder what the selection process is.


Taxes, insurance, and legal issues are always a consideration when purchasing a large asset like an aircraft. Listen to experts Suzanne Meiners-Levy, Jenny Estes, and Scott Williams discuss the challenges of taxes, legal consequences, and insurance. Perhaps you’ll be able to deposit more of your hard-earned dollars in the fuel tanks … where they belong.



PS: If future opportunity exists, I will even offer to bring my own translator to my presentation.

PS2: I will put in a plug for Justin Wulf, for example. Maybe he is shy and not interested to speak, but he is a long time member AND volunteer at past Migrations with numerous happy Cirrus clients on COPA. He certainly will be a good candidate for future speaking opportunities.

M14 will be here before you know it.

Consider this an early plug for Daniel to speak at M14. Let’s get a petition going!

John, you’re right of course! [:D] It takes an entire TEAM to stage a Migration. There are lot of components - some quite dynamic and (thankfully) some more static. But, regardless of the specific element, they are formed by dedicated volunteers who give lots of their time … for free. [Y][Y]



I’m surprised, too! I’ll check with Christi Baron (@ InterContinental) today and find out what’s happened. On initial issues like this, it’s usually that the rights and left-hands at the hotel haven’t spoken to each other. We’ll see.

Please stand by…