Migration 2023 Kansas City

By now I suspect most of you have gotten your Cirrus Pilot Magazine and read the article on this years migration in Kansas City. One of the many icons of KCMO is Union Station which will be the home of this years NFL Draft, fitting given that it was also the point of culmination for this years Super Bowl Champions parade. I thought you might like to see Union Station in its’ infancy from the area of the WWI museum, mentioned in the COPA article, before it was constructed.


We welcome you all here! KC is a nice place and it will nice to show off our city.

For ground planning, there is a logistical issue with the bridge from Downtown Airport (KMKC) being closed to the south and will be so for a couple of years. Right now I am sitting at Signature and am not sure how I would get across the river without a major detour. Not great timing with COPA, Big 12 tournament and the NFL Draft all on the immediate horizon with a lot of GA traffic.

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The John Jordan “Buck” O’Neil Memorial Bridge project will affect access from Wheeler Downtown Airport (KMKC) to the Lowes Hotel during Migration 2023, COPA will be providing complementary airport transportation to/from Signature and the Lowes Hotel, and we will work with the transportation company to minimize delays due to detours and road closures.

COPA will publish detailed transportation schedules and road closure information as we get closer to Migration.

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I’m a KC native (south KC is where I grew up) and can’t wait to come back for the Migration (I will be back before then I’m sure). Too bad the COPA masses couldn’t see the Plaza at Christmas. I’ll address this to you, Hans and any other COPAn’s in the KC Metro area: are any of you interested in C2A. We will must certainly do a formation fly over for the Migration. Our midwest representation is sadly lacking. If you are interested check us out at C2A.club or contact me directly. Go Chiefs! (my wife was a “Chiefette” in 71 & 72).


I would like to attend this migration (would be my first). What is a typical agenda like? I have been to the CPPP at KDPA. is it non aviator spouse friendly?

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My wife comes every year.
Thursday night is COPA Cabana. A great meet and greet.
I know there are some really cool additions this year!


Did we move it to Friday for 2023? COPA Cabana has always been on Thursday evening. Friday is traditionally an open evening, with the closing banquet on Saturday evening.

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No - I’m an idiot! I fixed it!


Absolutely. My wife - a non-pilot - has loved every Migration she attended. The Partner in Command with Mike Radomsky is a privilege and a treat, along with many events for spouses.


Shyam: I may have asked this before but is a BFR offered during the CPPP at KC? Jeff

There is no CPPP at Migration. There will be many classes that are also taught at CPPs. If you want a flight review, you can connect with a CSIP. I will be available the day before.

OK. Thanks for the heads up. If I make the KC migration I’ll let you know in advance.

Just received the COPA Pilot Mag: “Also available will be simulator time as well as optional flight training, typical of our 3 day CPPPs offered throughout the year.” Maybe just not flight reviews?

In addition to the CPPP ground courses being offered at this year’s Migration (complementary for all Migration attendees), CPPP Flight Slots and Sim Lab slots will be available during Migration.

Attendees will receive wings credit for the courses, sim lab, and flight sessions they attend, your attendance earns you the Wings Program credits required to obtain your flight review certificate from the FAA, instructors do not sigh off flight reviews in conjunction with CPPP flight training, but the net result is the same, or better, since your flight review certificate would be issued by the FAA.

More information is available through the Migration registration site linked below:



Thanks Hans … nice explanation. I’m going to check out the link you provided … I am looking at coming to the KC Migration … first one for me. Jeff


Looking forward to welcoming you to Migration 2023 Jeff!

Would we be able to get a CPPP attendance certificate at Migration assuming one did the flight and class work?
My insurance requires this (within last 12 months) and might encourage me to visit KC

Yes, attendees will receive their CPPP attendance certificates for ground courses and the binder/training record for flight training, no different to a standalone CPPP.

What exactly does the flight training involve and how much flight time are we talking about?

Much the same as what we do at CPPP weekends; 3-4 hour blocks. Your choice as to what you would like to focus on.

This is new for us having a CPPP as part of Migration and I am looking forward to it.

I will be flying along with Shane VV, Brian T., and Thomas D., and we will bring in other team members to meet demand which we hopefully will know a month out.

I don’t have a problem giving flight reviews at an event like this providing the pilot is fairly proficient.