It's Time To Register for Migration 16, October 11-14, 2018, Green Valley Resort and Spa, Las Vegas, NV

In response to an inquiry as to what happens at Migration, I posted the following and wanted to make it sticky. So here it is!!



Below are some screen shots from the Migration Website describing what goes on during the event with some added color!

A good way to look at Migration is that we have an immersive COPA Living (think social) and COPA Learning (think drinking from the COPA firehose!) immersive three day experience.


While many people arrive and register Thursday afternoon, on Thursday morning we have the Owner’s Maintenance class taught by our Board President Roger Whittier. This is a hands on event where Roger walks folks through many common problems and pitfalls as well as teaching ways you can lower your maintenance costs. This is a very popular class that fills up early:


Thursday evening we have our welcoming social event, COPA Cabana. Think of seeing old friends and meeting new ones in a relaxed 'around the pool" atmosphere. From the Website




Friday Morning we kick off the day with a plenary session where we hold the COPA Annual Member’s meeting. At this meeting Roger gives a “State of COPA” address and Members are able to ask Roger and Board Member’s questions as well as the election of new Board Members:


Following the Annual Meeting, we are fortunate to have Rick Beach provide his annual Safety Stand Down address. Rick’s data driven approach to safety has literally changed the way we fly our planes:



And during the Annual Meeting and the Safety Stand Down, Mike Radomsky, COPA Chairman Emeritus, offers right seaters his extremely popular Partner In Command Course. Here is a brief description:

“Frequent Cirrus right-seaters need to understand and prepare for the unlikely eventuality that the pilot may become incapacitated during a flight. The material covers much more than simply “pull the CAPS handle.” Does your partner know how to talk on the radio - even if isolated on the audio panel? What to say? How to squawk 7700? How to find and activate the ELT from the right seat? How to help a choking victim? How to recognize and react to Carbon Monoxide poisoning? Hypoxia? How to use the autopilot to steer to a CAPS-suitable area? What to do on the way down? After landing? These are among the many topics covered in the seminar, aided by a booklet that also serves as a checklist for use in an emergency and a handy quick reference card.”



COPA Learning Sessions start after lunch Friday and run all day Saturday with “A” and “B” track offerings. Again, the Website has a detailed listing of the sessions, but we offer a deep dive into many Cirrus centric topics- Mike Radomsky’s “Training For Emergencies”, Scott Williams popular “Top Ten Legal Mistakes Made by Owner’s” , John Bone speaking on his Round the World trip in his SR 22, Ross Rollibard’s “Refurbish This”, Dave Featherstone’s update on ADB-S Out, Etc., Etc. Etc.


From the Website:

The Migration tradeshow will run from 10:00 a.m., Friday, October 12th through 5:00 p.m., 8:30 a.m Saturday, October 13th to 4:00 p.m. in the Grand Ball Room of the Green Valley Ranch Resort. This is a great opportunity to learn about new products and discuss your aircraft systems directly with representatives of the manufacturers. It’s not uncommon for manufacturers to have “show specials.” So, whether you are looking to upgrade some equipment, wishing for the latest electronic goodie, or shopping for aircraft insurance, here’s an opportunity to see your favorite vendors all in one place.

A Continental Breakfast is provided Saturday morning and lunch is provided Friday and Saturday, all in the Tradeshow in the Grand Ball Room. In addition we provide coffee, soda, water and, each afternoon, Cookies and Brownies in the Tradeshow.


We also offer concierge services and snacks in the COPA VIP Room for a place to rest and grab a quick snack or to plan a night out. The COPA VIP Room is open Thursday - Saturday;


For those that desire a break from the COPA immersion we are also offering a social program with a behind the scenes tour at the Bellagio. From the Website:


Migration closes Saturday evening with a formal banquet where we typically honor a deserving COPAN followed by this year’s keynoter speaker, Brian Udell. From the Website:

Our annual gala banquet dinner and cocktail reception will be held at the Green Valley Ranch, where we will be treated to the delicacies of some of the chefs at GVR – their fine dining restaurants are widely reputed as some of the best. And, you won’t want to miss our special guest speaker, Brian Udell, who holds the record for surviving the highest speed ejection from a U.S. Fighter Aircraft at nearly 800 mph. He survived four grueling hours 65 miles off the Atlantic Coast.

I’ve left off information about the Fly-In/ Fly Out procedures since you’re from Las Vegas. But many of us find that getting to stretch our Cirri’s legs on a long cross-country to be one of the more rewarding aspects of Migration!

As to Registration Options, below are Screen Shots from the Website, which are pretty explanatory:

The resolution is much better on the Website!

So Register Early and Register Often! Prices go up after August 27th and we have limited rooms at our discounted rate- Once they are gone they are gone!

To Register simply go to:

And Click one of the many "Register " buttons.

I hope we see you at Migration 16!

Bill Myers

COPA Migration 16 Chair

Member, COPA Board of Directors


How many are registered? What is the most we ever had? Do you think we can beat it?[:P]

Tony: If we do not register for “Migration” and show up uninvited will we be "Illegal Emigrants"? :slight_smile:

You will be separated from your family and put in a cage at which point a thumb screw will be applied until you register, and that’s after you are waterboarded.

Dennis, you make this sound so negative. You should mention the good stuff too. For example, your family gets sent off to summer camp.

Looking at the events of second day it says Viva las Vegas what does that mean. we go to the strip on our own, we used the have a dinner just wondering. not talking about the big dinner the one we always had on Friday. Thanks Don

Don, the Committee and Board decided to provide everyone a free night on Friday to explore Vegas! There are several links on the website to shows and other exciting venues to attend if you wish.

We look forward to seeing you at Migration!

Bill Myers

M16 Committee Chair

COPA Board Member


Are the courses listed anywhere yet?



Apologies for the delay in responding Arthur. Our schedule is almost finalized (we are filling the last of two remaining slots) and will post it on the website as soon as it is done. But in the meantime, here is what we have:

Hope that helps!

Bill Myers

M16 Chair and Board Member

Hi Bill - really looking forward to Migration this year (thanks to the team behind the scenes!) and registered over the weekend. Question around the tracks…are we able to hop across tracks -ie attend Track A in morning and Track B in afternoon?

Great you’re attending Ryan! It should be a great Migration!

And to answer your question-yes, absolutely you can switch between tracks A and B on all Sessions.

Happy Migration!

Bill Myers

M16 Chairman

I can say we had over 10 People register today alone!

I don’t have full access to that info.

I think we can and should! Just need everyone to register!

This year is going to be great! We have some very cool Sponsors that are bringing some cool Aircraft in to see at Henderson!

Those that fly in are in for a treat!

But I put this stat out there…

I do have a breakdown of Registrations by State Percentage. And Texas is leading the Pack!

Those less than 5% not shown…

So I challenge the members of the other states to Register! See if Texas can be defeated.

Texas that is a Challenge to you too, Can you stay on top?

One Month Update

Texas has accepted the challenge and is still in the lead! Thanks Texans.

Don’t be complacent, we only have a small lead. If you haven’t registered or completed your registration, do it now!


Wow!!! FL 8%, CO, & OK only 5% each

FLORIDA; The COPA flyers state. We are way cool