Over 6 months for a replacement engine

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I have an N reg 2016 SR22 in the UK, flown from the US (FL) in 2019. Whilst it was there it was fitted with 6 new cylinders due to oil bypass at a Platinum Service Centre.

The aircraft had it second annual here in the UK and they have discovered that due to poor fitment of the due to poor fitment of the cylinders a crack has developed within the crankcase. This has meant that we needed to replace the engine. As repair the options were limited we decided to purchase a new engine from continental. The order was placed in early March of this year, and we requested AOG which added a 10% premium to the purchase cost. We were expecting delivery of the engine in June of this year at the latest, hoping that we can enjoy some of our summer here in Europe. We were a little annoyed that the engine was going to take until June to be delivered, even with the AOG premium.

Unfortunately the engine has still not arrived, and has not been shipped from continental in the U S. We have to order through continental’s UK agent, a company called multiflight who managed the ordering process. Multiflight do not have any leverage on the lead time from continental in the US, we’re told.

With the engine still not delivered, and the days getting shorter here in the UK, we have missed the best flying opportunities. It is also extremely frustrating that we have waited over six months for the delivery of a replacement engine. Despite approaching Cirrus UK for assistance, we have not had anything positive come back from them.

My question is, is this a normal situation other operators around the world? Is it normal to wait over six months for replacement engine whilst your aircraft is grounded?

The current supply chain issues with the pandemic have for sure delayed all things including engines.

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While the pandemic has been a factor, I think it become the default excuse for poor execution and service. Take Cirrus as an example. I had issues getting replacement parts from them long before the pandemic, but now it is a convenient excuse.


Not sure about now, but the replacement time for my SR20 almost a decade ago was a week or so.
A friend has dual CMI engines on a Baron done at the start of 2020, and the wait was just a month.

Note: we are both in the USA


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I got a new one in 2 weeks ordered December 19, 2020. Give me yr order details and I’ll call my guys. Email the info Schedule Request — CIRRUSINSTRUCTOR.NET | Cirrus Aircraft


Everything is slowed down because everyone is looking for workers but cannot find any. Most people prefer to get « free » money from the government to working. Then compounded by the fact that CMI has to depend on other suppliers. To answer your question, yes it is a problem worldwide. I know Multiflight in Leeds, UK and they are a great and very efficient group of guys. David Germaine does a great job in getting stuff moving. I am currently waiting for an engine from him for a customer in France. Hope your engine and mine shows up soon. Good luck.

My 2018 550 engine was at Continental since May. IRAN due to prop strike. AOG 5 months now. Just shipped days ago back home. Crank cases are back ordered at least 5 weeks. I’ll have a full PIREP prior to Migration but it will be a full 6 months for me AOG with non-existent communication from Continental after multiple emails / calls and even outreach to Cirrus.

Even Hartzell is out 12-14 weeks for a new prop. I feel for you.

For everyone else, don’t hurt your powertrain or fan or you will need some serious patience (or a new RV in my case).

As an aside, join COPA for the best responses. Savvy as well.

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If you don’t want to talk about it, no problem. Just wondering.

Renter started it up with tow bar attached. Sigh.

Just a pirep that fits here:

I’m waiting for cylinders from Continental. Today I was informed by the service center that the cylinders were mistakenly shipped to Australia instead of Austria.


So True! My HVAC industry suffers greatly from a lack of technicians and always has. Now it’s 1000x worst…… no body wants to work and since “Work Life Balance” has become mainstream, it’s hard to hire at any pay rate. Folks just don’t want to put in hard work and long hours anymore….

Like they say, best $60 spent in aviation. I am continually astounded with the generosity shown in COPA


My local HVAC company has switched to more staff and less mandatory overtime. Federal benefits are an excuse, look at the states which ended the programs early, no huge return of workers. Employers have milked a largely static wage situation for over twenty years, and have as a result largely forgotten how to compete for staff.

Compounded by a focus of most employers to avoid staffing, and a preference force people to work overtime; instead adding more staff.



There’s the rub, how do we get more staff :rofl:

They decided to make them. They went to local high schools, talked to the guidance office, looking for students who had decided against college. They offered a split program, initial on the job training, then if successful in two years, paid to complete HVAC training, then plumbing training later…



We ordered a 550 NA reman in August 2020; it arrived in November 2020. Don’t know if things have changed.

Please have them contact me as well, my SR22 is grounded and in desperate need of a rebuild or new engine. Chris at cmscarecrow11@gmail.com or 740-971-5250

Some Continental engines are 6 plus months out. Engines like the 470 series are giving us trouble but not the 550’s. Don’t get me wrong, the lead times for the 550’sa re not good right now, but they aren’t 6 months. I have one 550-N43 and one N68 that should be done within a month.

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They keep pushing out my factory reman IO360ES. Apparently commitments mean nothing now.

Like all things, supply and demand is greased with dollars.

More pay = more workers knocking.

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