CMI-Continental Motors Warranty

I have a 2018 SR-22 and recently I have had warranty issues with CMI. I think they are “sticking” it to Cirrus owners because Cirrus Aircraft dropped CMI on the SR-20’s a couple of years back & I think Cirrus Aircraft may drop CMI on the SR-22’s as well.

I had to replace a starter(which I had to pay for because I could NOT get a timely decision from CMI) & now the engine wiring harness needs to be replaced & CMI is just “sitting” on these issues while my plane (A Part 135 Lease) sits idle.

Cirrus Aircraft is strangely silent on this matter. What good is a 5 year “Spinner to Tail” warranty if you cannot get service? Cirrus Aircraft should stand behind their product and step in and keep their owners happy while THEY battle the warranty claims with CMI and NOT leave it to individual owners to address.

Is anyone else experiencing any warranty issues?

Anyone considering the purchase of a New Cirrus Aircraft may want to get answers prior to buying or simply reconsider.

Hi Frank

My name is Jared from Coast Air Center. I’m a Cirrus Authorized Service Center located in San Diego, CA (KMYF). I understand your frustration. I’m not sure where you’re located but if you can make a trip to our service center we will shock you with our customer service and quality of work.

Give us a shot, we won’t disappoint. I will be honest though, it’s not easy when Continental gets involved, it takes a lot of persuading and follow ups to get the ball rolling.

I can be reached @ 858 800 3878 EXT 3 or

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I just made a claim on our new engine and it was covered in under 24 hrs no questions asked and had the part the next day.

Have you called Cirrus directly?

What is an engine wiring harness? Ignition harness? The rest of the engine wiring is not Continental but Cirrus parts.

“Is anyone else experiencing any warranty issues?”

My guess is there’s a communication issue.

I agree with Ross. In my experience, both Cirrus and CMI have been responsive. My two recent positive experiences FWIW:

  1. I contacted Cirrus Field Service last June about a new higher than normal CHT issue on my SR22 G6. Cirrus got back o me promptly, covered the SC diagnostics work, looked at my engine data, and bumped it up to CMI.

CMI was responsive and kept me informed. Ultimately, an injector had to be replaced. It was all covered.

  1. Last month, I had an EGT excursion. The SC diagnosed a probe issue and likely a bad connector. Cirrus replaced the probe under warranty.

I had issues with my engine using more and more oil over the last year. I kept detailed records and was able to provide a detailed spreadsheet to Cirrus. They and my shop determined that Continental would have to get involved. Continental and Cirrus were less than responsive and it took multiple communications to get them to respond. Then Continental’s response was inadequate (because they clearly didn’t read the data I provided). More communications and finally a response from Cirrus saying they can’t help much since it’s a continental issue. I balked and they then were able to get someone else at Continental to respond. From that point the service was excellent and they made up for it (except for a maintenance issue where Continental didn’t connect my TKS line to my prop after the repair). So my one experience with Continental was poor at the beginning and then excellent. Your mileage may vary.

I would follow the advice previously rendered. Try calling Cirrus directly. They may be able to guide you on how to resolve the issue.

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Because suing everyone is the solution to life’s ills. My warranty experience was the opposite but then again I know who to call to get shit done. Yes it matters who you know so life tip: make a Rolodex of important people at vendors you think matter.

Ha! My dad’s life motto “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”

He said “suite” them… not sue…

Alex, suing is never the efficient way of handling life ill’s…

Why should who you call at Continental, get engine warranty covered, be different than who the number one Cirrus service center calls? That in itself is a problem.

Or who I called at Continental? I kept getting the same two warranty people. They told me, that they believe everything that I am telling them and that no matter what, they are not covering the failed warrantied engine I just bought a year ago.

Continental has zero faith in Cirrus sensors and the data that it collects. There fore they are covering nothing. That’s Continentals position.

This is a number ONE reason on why I would NOT want to buy a brand new Cirrus for almost a million dollars. The engine manufacture is NOT going to back.

Maybe we should just call Alex next time we need an engine warranty covered. I will make sure the number one Cirrus service center adds you to their Rolodex. Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

With that being said, I believe Alex, that you have a shit load of knowledge and peoples contacts in this industry. But a retailing paying Continental customer, should not have to jump throw hoops to get a warranty claim honored.

I am a believer in what Alex just stated. Ask me how I know. Continental did me very well.

David, Alex, maybe it’s time to share your rolodex with us

i get my 2009 cirrus sr22tn serviced by coast air ever since i’ve owned it. they have been great and their main man Jared is the best.

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I’ve got a 2020 22T and have had two interactions with Continental - the first poor and the second excellent. In the first (an in flight mag failure) they sent a new mag but only after requiring a degree of paperwork that seemed designed to find a reason to deny the claim and then agreed to such little labor that I paid $750 out of pocket for uncovered labor. I’d give them a D on that one.

In the second - an intermittent “hot” mag - they were excellent. The difference? I think an owner’s involvement. I wrote an email complete with all relevant data and a specific request. When I called a day later they said “agreed. We’ll do what you’ve asked.” My conclusion is that there are humans in that warranty department who respond to reason. If your A&P just says “here’s the problem. Send parts for free” their reaction is focused on meeting the warranty expense budget. But if you can talk reasonably to the humans managing that budget things go well.