Migration Dress Code

Maybe a dumb question, but what is attire standard on last night? Are slacks and collared shirt appropriate, or are the men wearing something nicer. Don’t want to drag down the averages or embarrass momma…

Funny story: Years ago my daughter–now an airline pilot–paid some dues working at an FBO in Orlando. Great people, good brand. They had an open house and my daughter urged us to come by…“finger food and just saying hi…” She said shorts and shirts were fine…being Florida and all.
Well…it was a tent, champagne, suits and ties…and my wife…was…mortified. “Never embarrass momma” is a hard and fast rule in our house, and while I was a was not at fault that round I need to make sure I don’t end up on a bad list at my first Migration.

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The official dress code for the the Gala Dinner is as follows:

Business, Cocktail, or Business Casual are all acceptable attire – no shorts or athletic attire please

There is some discussion about attire in the Topic below:

Your timing is impeccable. My wife just asked me as we’re going to pack soon and I would have probably screwed up the answer :grinning:

Commando optional.

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I thought commando was the new standard…

I’m good with that but if Tommy Bahama isn’t good enough I’m in trouble.
Which, I usually am.

I’m wearing black jeans and a button down shirt. I’m a pilot, can’t afford anything else!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Been to many Migrations. If history repeats itself you can wear just about anything you want and there will be at least someone else with the same thing on. Since it’s warm (Hot!) in Scottsdale I wouldn’t bet against some shorts appearing. I’m not advocating anything but pointing out the reality of the COPA’s membership (independent thinkers/dressers). The official “dress code” is a good start. My guess is the “business casual” will be the median. I remember a Migration in Duluth in which there was one or two couples who wore formal attire and they were significantly outnumbered by tee shirts, jeans and tennis shoes. It’s always interesting. The point is don’t stress about it, be comfortable, respectful and enjoy.
By the way, Chuck, Tommy Bahama probably is the official COPA warm weather clothing sponsor.


Are you talking about Dr Jim Penney?
He always wore his best shorts to the Migration dinner?


Formal shorts are country club casual, right or is it business casual, I,m confused or is it I really couldn’t care less.


This comment kinda reminded me of this scene in The Irishman :rofl: One of the great scenes in recent movie history in my humble opinion…


It’s because your a pilot you can’t afford anything else :wink:


I mean, you also have to understand regional differences in the interpretation of “business casual”. My work attire (pre-pandemic) consisted of shorts and a T-shirt. It has gone downhill since then. But, you know, Silicon Valley. :wink: I’m aiming for Silicon Valley formal wear for Saturday, which involves a collared shirt.



However, as PapaLima reminded me, some hotels keep meeting rooms at icebox temperatures, so if you hate being cold like me, bring a sweater or wrap just in case.


Here’s my take on this:

Business, Cocktail, or Business Casual are all acceptable attire

I understand that requirement for many things. But for Migration?

I’m not here on ‘Business’. I’m not here to take a meeting or close a sale or anything of the sort. I’m here to relax, learn a bunch of stuff, put faces to names of all the cool people in this forum, and to overall enjoy myself. I’ve worn the monkey suit enough times in my career to not want to be forced to do so under any voluntary / leisure / hobby activity gathering.

However, I will dress according to the dress code for the Saturday night dinner because I saw that was what was required before I bought a ticket, and I knew what I was signing up for, as much as I disagree with forcing anyone to look a certain way. If people have problems with the way I (or others) dress as opposed to the content of their character, that says more about them than it does me, and I wouldn’t care in the slightest of not ‘fitting in’ with those that put too much weight on such things.

I also realize that it’s much more common culturally for those in the Midwest and East Coast to adhere to such things (I grew up in the South and lived/worked in Manhattan, so I ‘get it’). But I also lived a significant portion of my life on the West Coast where t-shirt and jeans are just fine work attire (because how you perform and how you treat your fellow employees is more meaningful than what clothes are on your person).

But for all other days/nights while I’m here? I’m wearing casual weather-appropriate clothing, and if anyone has a problem with that, they can kick me out and I’ll go enjoy myself at the bar :slight_smile:


Not arguing, but sometimes the ladies wanna get pretty. I want the non pilot spouses to have a ball and encourage these shanningans. .

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I actually agree with you - anyone who wants to get decked out (spouses, pilots, whomever), absolutely should, and enjoy themselves because it makes them feel good. It’s where someone might not be permitted to attend otherwise is where I would have a problem.

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Lest I sound like I’m complaining or something, I really am planning on slacks etc. It’s all good. :slight_smile: I’m glad someone asked the question though because I had missed the bit about the desired dress.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!


No one implied otherwise. There is no problem with casual dress whatsoever for all other activities. It’s just nice on Saturday night to dress up a bit.