How to dress for the dinner parties?

First Migration after flying a Cirrus for 14 years… How should we dress for the dinner parties? Just casual or jacket?


Hans de Koning SR22 TN 3000


For the Banquet, you’ll see everything from shorts to tuxes. However, the majority dress business cocktail. Lots of suits w/ ties, suits w/o ties, sport jackets, etc. Ladies dressy cocktail to formal.

Everything else is casual.

See you in Duluth!


doesnt Jim Penney always wear his pressed shorts?

Yes, it isn’t a “black thong” event.

‘Leopard’ ok?

relax…I am not wearing one. [;)]

Or, is he?

Is the banquet at the DECC? That’s the place I was falsely accused of smuggling wine into [;)]

Thanks Sherri

Looking forward to see everyone…I will make sure I have my dark shorts pressed!


What about Dress White Skivvies. [:O]

Yes. And the Migration Committee was told to be on the lookout for “that guy who tried to smuggle wine in”. We were told justice will be served and it will be swift and severe.

Good thing I read this… I’ll have to find a tie that will go with my Tommy Bahamas.

Naw, just go Full Don Cherry:

Don Cherry Suit.jpg

Don’t worry, not all Canadians dress like Don Cherry. We will look respectable for the event. See you there!


I haven’t seen a tux at Migration before. Need to get my eyes checked.

Only Justice will be served? Which type - Cabernet?

I think Andy’s been known to wear one a time or two!

Where is the picture of Andy with the dancers in Vegas?

I plan on wearing whatever I buy at the Cirrus store on Thursday!