Migration 13 - Planning is underway!

Hi, everyone!

The planning for M13 is underway, and this is just a quick announcement so you can set aside the time in your respective calendars. [:D] While at last year’s M12, I announced that our destination this year would be Nashville. Unfortunately, that venue was booked up more than a year in advance. (Yes, we’re now going to start scheduling Migrations and secure lodging more than a year in advance…) So, we regrouped and here’s the skinny:

  • What: COPA Migration 13
  • Where: Addison, TX - a short distance north of Dallas, itself
  • When: Sept. 10, 2015 - Sept. 13, 2015. Most arrivals will be on Thursday, Sept. 10th. We’ll have our traditional COPA Cabana evening social event that evening. Core Migration activities will start on Friday, Sept. 11th with our Annual Meeting and continue through Saturday, Sept. 12th. Most departures will be on Sunday, Sept. 13th.
  • General info:
  • Resort/Hotel - We have signed a contract with InterContinental Dallas (actually in Addison - check out http://www.icdallas.com/ ). We managed to secure an outstanding room rate which should please everyone - COPA members and Exhibitors alike. And, they have the convention space to accommodate our tradeshow as well as the Annual Meeting, seminars, etc. - 1-stop shopping. Several COPANs have already stayed at this facility and had great things to say about the place.
  • Airport - Addison (KADS), a Class D airport just NE of Dallas/Ft. Worth (KDFW). Outside of the usual Class B considerations from nearby KDFW, flying in/out looks pretty straightforward. This is Texas, there’s certainly no terrain to worry about…
  • *FBO *- We’ll use Million Air; one of our members knows them personally and has already spoken to them. They have facilities we can use for possible classes and appear very willing to work with us.
  • Commercial air transportation - For folks travelling in “big iron”, DFW is the obvious and easy choice for a destination airport.
    We’ll provide more details as planning progresses. But, for now, please note the date.

Blue skies,


Thanks Craig. Looking forward to it!

Me too…

And Ryan, I look forward to buying you a Guinness!


Cool. Thanks. Please keep us posted on when we can make the hotel reservation with the group code.


Youbetcha, Ryan! This will be fun … and a great flight from CO to TX, too. [H][Y]



Roger that! I’ll post something here before the website is up so folks can make early reservations if they wish.


More like from AZ to TX. I’m moving there in a couple of months. We can’t wait to get out of this cold but beautiful state!

Where will you be based? I suspect there will be some folks flying over to TX from AZ, myself among them. [:D]


Looks like Chandler airport right now. I’ll be the closest to that airport. I went by last week. Very little in amenities and definitely not what I’m used to. I’ve never had to fill up for gas for example on my own but everyone I talked to swears it’s the best airport ever. No schools and easy to get into and out of. I’ve never landed there however.

I called some people though on hangar space. Seems to be difficult to find.

Glad you are coming to my home state. I am not crazy about Addison airport. I use to go in there for angle flights. It is a busy corporate airport. I don’t know the owner Millionaire so I never found them particular friendly to GA and the fuel price is high.

Is it to late to suggest alternatives like T82 Fredericksburg (famous Hanger Hotel on the field and wine country tours) or KAUS Austin Executive (lots of night life in our state capital) or KGLS Galveston (beach view) or KTME Houston Executive in my home town? All of these places and many others in Texas have long runways, cheap fuel, and love GA.


SR22 Houston, Tx

Ryan, I’m currently based at Chandler (until my hangars get built at Gateway). You don’t have to fill your plane. The FBO does have a 100LL fuel truck. Use it all the time. There is a helicopter flight school here as well as a couple other flight schools including the one ran by the FBO. It is very busy here but with 2 runways, I have never had an issue. I live about 5 miles east of the airport. Hit me up when you get here and I’ll show you around a little. Don’t know where you are living, but if Gateway works, you might want to consider it. There are a few hangars in my project up for re-sale and for lease that are really good deals. Good luck.


We’re past the point of selecting destination cities & airports. You might want to chat with Tim Valentine. Tim has a long-term relationship with the FBO.

However, thanks for the suggestions.


Ryan, KCHD is my home 'drome. Email me privately and/or take Joe up on his offer. I’m heading to Bonaire tomorrow evening and will be gone for a week. So, email may be spotty…


Ryan, definitely call up Rainey. We all can do our share to help him support the Mustang.

I wish he could support my habit Daniel! I only have 4 hangars left and they are jet or turboprop hangars that are 350-450k. The other hangars for sale in my project are resales that I had already sold. So nothing in it for me. Just trying to help Ryan out a little since I was in his same boat 2 years ago and didn’t know where to live or where to hangar.

Paul: We know the owners of Millionaire. They are giving us a great fuel discount, waiving fees, providing fee shuttles to the hotel and giving us an awesome “Millionaire” souvenir.

They just finished a 13 million dollar runway extension / expansion.

We were there yesterday. We fly there 43 times a year. We hope your impression will change after this flight.

Don’t these people look friendly?

I do agree that all those other places would be awesome. I live in Austin and love it. With the parameters Craig gave us, this deal at these rates seemed like the best of the many choices we looked at.

Tim Valentine

I assume you meant “free” shuttles instead of “fee” shuttles!

Gordon as you know I suffer from “tiny brain” syndrome.

Yes sir it is “free” shuttles to the Intercontinental Hotel. They also have a fleet of “free” Mercedes, Suburban’s etc that we can borrow for a few hours. The Hotel has set up free shuttles to take us to the hundreds of nearby restaurants and the world acclaimed Galleria mall and back to ADS airport for classes etc.

We have a Dallas Cowboy Cheer leader outfit for you this year. It will be hard to top the Marylyn Monroe pic from Vegas.

Julia and I look forward to seeing you both in Dallas.

Tim Valentine

Isn’t one of our mantras as pilots…“use all available resources?” A simple search on the membership roster would have yielded many locals right here in Addison.

It’s ashame someone didn’t check with the local COPA Lieutenant, me, in Addison. Had the event been planned for 7 days later, it would coincide with Addison’s Oktoberfest…“The best Oktoberfest outside Munich.” It is held directly across the street from the airport and walking distance from the Intercontinental, would have been a memorable fun event for all to attend…young and old alike.

Be prepared…100 low lead at KADS is currently $7.19/gal.

Ok it is too late this time. Curious. What kind of special fuel price is Addison offering?

Keep Houston Executive airport in mind for the future. Traffic is light, control tower, 7000’ runway, fuel $3.83 a gallon, and it is a brand new four star $12 million FBO. Their awning looks big enough to pull a 737 under it. It’s twin sister executive airport in Austin is similar on all accounts.

BTW I have flown into Addison a number of times. If is IFR be prepared when you break out - you will see office buildings everywhere (it seems) along your flight path.