Migrations Details/Schedule?

I was curious when more details for migration might be coming out. I am for sure wanting to get this in to my calendar for this year. But curious on anything regarding schedule etc. I know we are a bit out yet, but wanted to see if anyone knows when details might start to appear.

Just wanted to follow up on this? Is registration open yet?

While I can’t speak for the Migration Committee Chairman Craig Albright who is traveling and off the grid, I can tell you as a Commitee Member that we are working as I type this to get the Registration Website up soon.

I can say that we have a very exciting slate of social events, extremely informative and interesting seminar topics and that the Trade Show with be filled with the Vendors that pilots will want to see. It is really shaping up to b a great event.

Stay tuned as all of the information you could want about Migration 14 will be coming soon!

So why has it not been on your calendar for over a year? The dates have been on the web site since the last migration. It is not a hidden secret.

Only question to be answered is what are the “pre-migration” events that you might want to attend also. So it is easy to just say you will arrive on Wednesday and all is DONE.

Just for perspective since I did the Migration Web site the last two years. M13 did not go live until the 4th of July weekend. I too wanted it live much earlier, but collecting and getting all the cost data to put in the site takes much time.

The real question is why do so many COPA members wait till the last minute to register? Makes it very hard for the migration committee to plan their logistics. This year, when the site goes live, register. Don’t wait till the last minutes.

Fair points John, I know I’ll register the second it comes available. Being my first migration I just didn’t have any history on things at all, and september is coming fast so I thought I’d check.

I’ve already blocked off my calendar! Just trying to plan a bit etc.

I don’t know, but I’m sure hundreds of us are ready to register now. Any updates on when the M14 site will go live?

I get the COPA Pilot magazine and it mentioned a registration deadline for discounted pricing of 8/1, so I’m hoping soon?


We’re a little slow getting the website up this year - the responsibility of yours truly. However, it will be on-line very soon - probably early next week. Both websites (i.e., member and exhibitor) will be available for review by the Planning Team by either this evening (Wednesday 7/6) or tomorrow morning (Thursday 7/7). After giving our blessing (and running a few registration tests), we’ll be open for business. [Y][H][Y]


I just want to tell COPA that I’m taking delivery of my first new plane on September 12. The very next day after Migration is over. Likely, we will see my plane completed or near completion on the tour (my guess). My wife and I are going to the Migration (first time).

How cool will that be? Migration and then pick up a new plane. :wink: Maybe Trip or Roger can take a look for any squawks? :wink:



Heck yeach, toss me the keys and I’ll wring it out for ya. Oh, probably not what you had in mind.

Seriously though congratulations and impeccable timing.

Wow! [H] Maybe someone from Cirrus can post a sign identifying your plane! We can all walk by and drool… [:D]



It will look very similar to this. My spinner will be black. The rest is the same. This particular plane is Byron’s plane with him we converse from time to time. The tail number will be N49ED. I mean who can have their name and age on a plane? It has to be a first.

:wink: Cheers,


Very cool, Ed and very pretty airplane - best wishes for tons of safe flying hours. Your age, well unfortunately, that won’t be correct for long. Should have chosen your birthday![;)]

Wow, very nice Ed, very nice.

N50ED is available ;). I tried my birthday and birth year, but didn’t want it out there (besides, they weren’t available;). 49 represents the age when I first bought my first new plane. Seems good enough. My wife approved the N49ED as long as she picks the SF50 N-number. I’m good with that. I’m over joyed by this plane and I cannot wait. It’s weird not having a plane.

Ive had 2 Eclipse guys respond. Hmmm… I might need to figure if that is in the cards. Seriously, thank you both.



First test flight was yesterday. Delivery day is day after migration. Temp N number.

Very exciting. I can’t wait to see it in person