March Cirrus Event

No sooner has one event been completed than it is time for FCOPA (Florida COPA) to have another event.
To that end, I am proposing a Sunday Breakfast at Jumbolair. Perhaps we can even show Mr. John Tavolta what a “real” aircraft looks and flies like.

***(Sunday Brunch) Mar. 7, First Sun., ( 17FL ) Greystone Airport, Jumbolair Estates. 9:30 AM - 2:00 PM. Chef Peter White will prepare (offer) everything from homemade strudel, muffins, fresh fruit, pancakes, and waffles to omelets just the way you like it. New at the brunch… Expanded menu and Chefs carving station. (Meal $20.66 + 15% Service $3.10 + 6% Tax $1.24 = $25.00) Children 12 and under are 1/2 price. For more information or to reserve a table, 352-401-1990 or e-mail Fax: 352-629-0409

P.S. Much thanks to Richard Pouch who gave unselfishly to create and make successful, the Ocean Reef Extravaganza
Thanks Richard, and I think I speak for all of us.

I am posting this on the Public Forum in the hope that our non-Cirrus bretheran will “find the way”.


I echo the comments about the Ocean Reef flyin What a great time!!

Richard did an excellent job and we have a great group of COPA members and families.

As for March 7th, count Mary Zach and I in. What time? Lets get a couple of tables.

I vote for high noon


Trip Taylor and I will do our best to stop by. 3/7 is the day we’re supposed to be riding our motorcycles from Daytona to N GA - maybe we could stop by on 2 wheels - we’ll be flying low!

FWIW, check out the motto for my “other” web hangout @ - “To Fly Without Wings…”

I was all set to go (check your emails) but then I realized that that’s the weekend of Weather or Not at KISM with Scott.

Any chance for the following month?

Please check in and let me know if you are coming. If we have more then 500 aircraft they will give us our own dining room.
Don’t miss this event. It is one of the best cheap skate brunch’s that exist. A top notch brunch and at only $25 for adults and $10 for kids.>>
Jumbolair is located in North Central Florida about 7 mil E of Ocala.
We are shooting for 11.
Remember to drop me a note so that I can let them know that you will be coming. Also, let me know how many.
Member of

There will be lots of interesting planes there too.

JUST DIAL IN 17FL ON YOUR GARMIN DIAL and your Cirrus will take you there.

Argggh! The weather’s not cooperating!

Here you can see a few of those participating in the March Fly-in Breakfast at Jumbolair.
The lady on the left (my wife) was the only woman. She was thrilled to be among these hunky men with their flying power toys.
The young man next to be is my son of 13 years who is my co-pilot

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What time? Lets get a couple of tables. I vote for high noon

TBA; I still have to work out if Travolta will be joining us, and if so, wether we can fly his airplane if we let him fly one of ours. [;)]

I’m in. I’m email all FCOPA folks now.

1st weekend of April is both Easter and Spring break;
Just tell Scott to move the Sunday weather session to Jumbolair. They have the facilities and would probably love to host it. Anyway, you guys have got to eat breakfast anyway.

Any chance of changing the location this late?


I’m not surprised, I expected that it would be pretty difficult to change at this late date.

No sweat. I’ll still be there. I’ll go to the breakfast some other time.

This is a last call for the Brunch at Jumbolair Sunday @ 11:00
We should have a nice group. I have included a link for flying and driving directions;
Those from Washington State, Oregon and California are excused, but it would be nice if you could make it.
I have asked John Travolta to be there and have extended a ride in one of our aircraft in exchange for a ride in one of his antique fleet.
See ya there

Wish Carolyn and I could see you there - but we have guests and plans. Have a great time.


Diana, Elliot, and I will be there. Do we need to make our own reservation, or are you taking care of it?



Have you tried punching 17FL into your Garmin? I did today and it wasn’t in the database.

Myself, airplane partner, and instuctor are planning on being there. Weather looks like it will probably cooperate for the trip from NC.

I have taken care of the reservations.
Even if you don’t have a reservation, we will find a seat for any others although persons without reservations may get a highchair.

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Have you tried punching 17FL into your Garmin? I did today and it wasn’t in the database.

I tried it on the sim – not there. But it’s 4 miles due south of SOWMU intersection. If you want to find the actual blade of grass that marks the center of the airfield, try 3.9 miles on the SOWMU 182.3 bearing.
OK, I’m easy. I did the work for you. To put this in your GNS430 as a user waypoint, print this and do the following when you switch on your avionics:

  1. Go to the WPT section, and find the USR page (probably the last page).
  2. Activate the cursor. Enter 17FL (or any other name you like)
  3. Press ENT until your cursor is at the POSITION box
  4. Enter N 29 16.82 W082 07.49
  5. Press ENT until the cursor highlights CREATE?
  6. Press ENT
  7. Kill the cursor
  8. Enter 17FL (or whatever you called it) into your Flight Plan.
    (There are multiple ways to do this – you could just as easily enter SOWMU as the REF WPT and enter 182.3 degrees for a RADial and 3.9 miles for a DIStance.)