Sat. lunch at KWDR

Sherri and I are planning to meet a few friends at Winder, GA (KWDR) for lunch at the Spitfire Cafe this Saturday (6 Aug). The Spitfire has good food and is run by nice people. If anyone wants to join us there they are welcome. This is simply the classic $100 hamburger run as an excuse to fly. Sherri and I plane to be there around 11AM.

While I am trying to keep this very informal, my wife (she who must be obeyed) has requested that people going drop her an email. If the count gets high she wants to give the people at Spitfire a “heads up”. Just drop her a line at

Thanks. I look forward to seeing some nice planes.

Paul Platt
770-853-4565 mobile Should you need it.

Just bouncing this to the top so it will be seen. I hope some Cirrus owners can join us. It does look like there will be a Columbia 400 owner there. We’ll be nice! Actually, I haven’t seen a 400 up close and personal so I hope he can make it.