reminder: Northern California fly-in tomorrow 3/8

Saturday, March 8th, 12:30, Palo Alto Municipal Golf Course Restaurant

[I will get there about 1/2 hour early to try and organize things, we’re too small to take over the banquet room.]

The restaurant is more or less your usual typical sandwich/hot plate lunch place, nothing to write home about, but it’s right across the street from Palo Alto airport and can easily handle a crowd.

I’d like to encourage a theme for this get together, and that theme is outreach. If you know of any position holders, pilots, owners, friends who aren’t receiving this note directly, drag them along. I think there are about 9 Cirri in PAO alone, and I’ve only met the owners of 5 of them, so I suspect that there are a lot of folk out there who aren’t interested in COPA
who may find value in meeting and knowing about their local Cirrus neighbors.

If you know of folks who own Cirri locally who cannot attend, at least make sure they know about the rest of us and have an opportunity to joining the ba-cirrus mailing list.

If folks are game, we can follow up this get-together with others to more exotic places that might be more difficult for some folk to reach, but either have great food, great views, or great recreational activities.

The Bay Area Cirrus Mailing list is a low volume group of local Cirrus pilots/owners and friends. You can join at or

Despite Paul’s unfortunate family conflict, about 15 people still showed up for lunch.


Even though several folks could easily drive to lunch, at least 6 planes flew in to Palo Alto (front to back): N858CD (Rick Beach SR22 from San Diego), N207DV (David Powell from Half Moon Bay), N254DB (Darryl Burns SR22 from Monterey), N903CD (Sanjay SR20 from San Carlos). Missing from photo N803EM (Curt Sanford PFD & TKS-equipped SR22 from San Carlos) and one other that is parked on the north side out of camera range.