COPA @ Sun-N-Fun!

COPA will be hosting a hospitality tent at Sun-N-Fun!

It will be open from about 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM Monday, April 8. Lunch and other Refreshments will be offered.

This should be a great opportunity to get out of the sun, sit down and socialize with your Cirrus friends and meet a few new ones.

You will also have the opportunity to speak in a more relaxed and personal setting with folks from Cirrus Design and other vendors who will be cycling through the tent when they can spare a few minutes from their sales duties. As a special reward, John Helms will be there so we can all get in our physical licks (Just kidding! But, we really have invited him and hope that he will attend so we can continue our insurance discussions.)

More details will be posted in the next week or so. But, to help us plan, please let us know if you will try to join us.

Marty Kent

I will be there! Looking forward to it. My Dad will be too. Let us know the official way to RSVP when possible.
Greg Scoggins
SR-22 #108

I will be there weather permiting. From Don N705DM

I plan to be there.

Gerry Hatch #355


I will be there with bells on:).


I plan to be there. I will look for you.

Keep the RSVP’s coming, were counting…

Anyone have experience flying into Sun-N-Fun and could explain how the traffic procedures work. From what I’ve heard, the traffic procedures are “interesting.” For those of us who haven’t been before, it would be good to know how it’s supposed to work and how it actually works. I’ll be flying home from Duluth to Boca Raton on Saturday or Sunday of that weekend, and may stop by depending on how our ferry flight has gone.

John Kinsey
SR 22 # 181


I plan to stop by at Sun n Fun on Monday the 8th.

Any more details on what is planned?

Mason Holland

I’ll be there.


Robin and I will be there!


Here are some SNF procedures. Paste this link into your browser. It should answer your questions. Hope it helps! Been in and out several times and while it looks like a “free for all” it’s really not to bad. Have fun, wear a hat and lots of sun screen (hopefully).’n_FUN.HTM