M12:  Breakfast with Cirrus Aircraft on Saturday

Usually at Migration, we have seminar time set aside for a Q&A with Cirrus management. In the past, this has been very well attended; COPANs relish the opportunity to speak with the Cirrus management team that makes policy as well as those responsible for executing it. This year at Migration with Cirrus Aircraft’s RBAR sponsorship activities, things have changed a bit, and Cirrus is hosting a large “pit party” on Friday night out at the RBAR raceway. (BTW if you haven’t already registered and want to go, you need to sign up with Cirrus here. Plus, contact Donna at the COPA office so that we have enough room on our buses!) As a result, they declined the Migration seminar block time we had reserved for them.

Although the RBAR party out “in the pits” is going to be great fun and Cirrus hoped that our usual Migration Q&A could take place out at the raceway, Andy Niemyer and I realized that a quieter, less public setting might be better suited for addressing various topics of interest to COPA members. Since our “normal” seminar schedule was full at that point, we suggested the possibility of a breakfast meeting to Pat Waddick, Cirrus’ President. Pat readily agreed. So, here’s the plan:

  • Saturday morning (10/11) from 7:15 - 8:15 a.m. we will have a breakfast meeting with Pat and the Cirrus management team.
  • Although we don’t have a specific location yet, it will probably be in the same room as our Annual Meeting held Friday morning.
  • This is not a sponsored meal. However, COPA will arrange a light Continental breakfast; attendees will pay (cash) at the door.
    Questions about the meeting? This is the place to ask them. I’ll post additional details here as they become available.

Questions for Cirrus? We can discuss those over coffee on Saturday morning!


Good call, Craig. Thanks,