Migration for Migration

You can tell I have too much time on my hands…

Not at all!! I’m putting together the Silent Auction for M14 and we need to get a case of this wine! Can you help put me in contact with them? COPA Safety Foundation will benefit and they will benefit by having over 400 potential customers looking at their wine!

Please PM me with the name of the winery etc if you could. And let me know if you want to volunteer for M14. We could use some help!!! Thanks. Very creative idea!

I am enjoying this fine wine as I type. here is their website: http://www.migrationwines.com/Wines/Pinot-Noir/Russian-River-Valley-Pinot-Noir

I am in for the next Migration. How can I help? I can be your wine taster!

Shyam Jha

Thanks. I’ll PM you. We really need help on the Silent Auction as it was put together late in the game last year (by yours truly who takes the entire blame) and I think think we can do a much better job of raising money for the Safety Foundation.

Speaking of Migration, why don’t you come and visit the M14 Migration web page on Facebook. Make sure that you click “LIKE” while you’re there.


Oh, man! Now you’ve done it - volunteered!! [:D] I suspect that Bill could use your support on his part of Migration. AND, one of the things that I’d like to see the “Zonies” do is organize a gaggle flight up to M14 in Duluth. (I’m sure you remember Mike Radomsky’s definition of “gaggle” vs. formation flying - simply “same way, same day”.) Personally, I enjoy chatting a bit with fellow pilots on the radio while enroute. Maybe you could stir up a little interest in some of our COPA members down in the Tucson, AZ area, and I could do the same up here in the Phoenix Valley. Later, I anticipate creating some separate threads about flying to M14. [H]

Blue skies,


For those that don’t do the facial book, will there be a more traditional web page for Migration 14?

Yes, but it is a long way from being set up. Keep checking back here to learn more and when the RegOnline web site is active.

In the mean time, get an account on facial book. Most of our COPA members can be found there when they aren’t surfing adult websites or flying.



As an interesting tid bit, Migration 8 held in Dayton Ohio, featured the Gala Banquet in the Museum of the United States Air force, (a magic setting), and the wine served was private labeled "COPA Migration 8 ". For those who were there it was a very memorable evening.


Yes it was. Only downer was Keynote Speech by Craig Fuller.

Still hope we can have a migration in DC and do a dinner like that at the Udvar Hazy Annex.

Not happening.

Geez. Ya think I’d asked you to vote for Hillary or something.


You will recall we had two key note speeches, the second was Amanda Wright Lane,great grand niece of the Wright Brothers. Another interesting tid bit, Craig Fuller, then President of AOPA, was our back-up speaker we came within an eye lash of having Neil Armstrong, but he was under contract with NASA, who had first dibs on his time and they out dibs us. I was still a great evening and I still have one of the bottles of “COPA Migration 8” Cab. in my cellar.


Amanda was great. Enjoyed her immensely, Neil would have been great. For my money, I would have taken Bob Hoover over Craig Fuller any day of the week and twice on Saturday night.

Bob’s health is difficult right now. He made it to Av2015. What would be great is if he could come to M13 and maybe Cirrus or Eclipse could bring him in the JET. Depends on who is going to sponsor the Keynote/Banquet, I guess. Bet Bob would have some great comments and insight on its flight characteristics.

I am getting my IFR re-currency training camp this week with the great Craig Albright, who makes everything so much fun.

I will volunteer to get the silent auction going next year.


Bless you my child.

For sure was a wonderful time. One of my all time favorite COPA events, Don

Pontis Catis I presume.


As John said earlier, we’re just getting started with the M14 planning. Every year, we have a full-blown, custom event website filled with Migration details. In addition to providing information on arrival/departure, lodging, special events, the overall schedule, etc., people - COPANs & exhibitors - register for Migration through that website.

Actually, the event is not really restricted to just COPA members! Anyone can register. It’s just that we organize it for the benefit of our members, and some of the information/seminars are definitely Cirrus-centric. And, the primary mechanisms for disseminating event information are via the Migration and COPA websites, the Cirrus Pilot magazine, and mass emails to the COPA membership.

Please feel free to post any additional questions you might have or send me a PM. Eventually, we will have multiple on-going M14 threads in this area! [:D]

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