4 blades propeller

I wonder should I change my 3 blades propeller in my Cirrus SR22T G3 for 4 blades propeller?
Can pilots who use 4 blades propeller write advantages and disadvantages of it?

Especially about speed(slower or faster, how many knots?) and fuel consumption are greater or not?

In next 2 years I have to change propeller anyway. To make decision for change I need more information.



If you come by more information, please also share it here on the forum, I was told by Cirrus the 4 blade propeller option on the 2020 SR22T G6 is a a purely cosmetic option.

I asked specifically about, improved climb, cruise speed, or any performance benefit and was told none existed, I even asked if it would be a little quieter, and again I was told no.

This is as compared to the Hartzell 3-Blade Composite Propeller that is fitted as standard on the 2020 SR22T G6, I don’t know what propeller is installed on your aircraft and whether or not this would apply to you.

It would seem, at least on the new airplanes, that the choice comes down to looks and cost, the 4 blade option is $21,900.00 and adds 5 pounds to the aircraft.

I have Hartzell phc-j3y1n-1f propeller now

It sad what you wrote that there aren’t many advantages.


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I deleted my original reply as I was not sufficiently certain it provided any value to you in your decision, I am not familiar with the SR22T G3, and whether or not you are considering the same 4 blade Hartzell that is being offered by the factory in 2020 or perhaps an STC’d propeller from another manufacturer. I have UN-deleted my reply at your request.

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Zero advantages unless you prefer the way it looks. Mx is probably going to be higher as one has more blades to deal with at overhaul.

Why do you have to change the propellor in 2 years? There is no requirement to do that. If you are operating under regulations that require the maintenance schedule to be observed, there are provisions for overhauling the propellor and that will be far cheaper than replacing it.

There is not any performance reason to choose 4 blade over 3 blade propeller



Pawel is based in Warsaw, Poland, it would not surprise me in the least if he has to adhere to more stringent regulations than those for Part 91 in the United States, in any event, the option to overhaul his existing propeller should still be on the table.

Which incidentally is what I would do, there is no appeal for me in buying a new 4 blade prop.

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And I stated that in the next sentence

Indeed you did, I was just addressing the “why” in this question “Why do you have to change the propeller in 2 years?” :handshake:

In Europe we have more restricted polices. In USA you can fly without inspection of engine but we have to inspect engine every 50 H or later 100H and after 2000H engine is completly restore like a new. But it cost a lot. Same with propeller.


Trip made a good observation that I believe is even more relevant to you given the regulations governing maintenance requirements in your home country.

Unless your propeller has allot of components approaching their wear limits or damage, and an overhaul does not make sense financially, I would be looking to overhaul my existing propeller when the time comes.

Even if faced with the decision to purchase a new propeller, I would opt for the 3-blade prop over the 4-blade.

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I am very aware of that and addressed it in my reply. However, the cost to restore and existing propellor to “like new” is much lower than the cost of a new propellor.

So, because you were seeking advice, I wanted to be sure that you included the costs of an overhaul of your existing propellor with the cost of a new propellor. It may be that, in Poland, it is not cheaper but, your post seemed to indicate that you were under the impression that you were forced to replace the propellor. I have flown all over the world and I am unaware of any maintenance requirement to replace an engine with new or a propellor with a new one.

But, more to the point, the only advantage of the 4 vs 3 blade propellor is appearance. Even Cirrus stated that when they unveiled this at the CX event last year.

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Agree. Cost of restore propeller what I need to do in next 2 years is lower. In Europe 4 blade propeller cost 18 000 Euro so same as in $$$. Similar price for 3 blade propeller.
But restore is cheaper also in Europe.

Flying generally cost and for sure cost of brand new 4 blade propeller isn’t advantages.

Performance is a stuff which I am interesting in. If this upgrade doesn’t give me better performance only appearance so it’s no a deal.

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