2 vs 3 Blade propeller

I am searching for an SR20 G2 and would like to know what COPA members feel about the difference between a 2-blade vs. 3-blade prop. Is there enough evidence to support one over the other, or would this forum avoid a good aircraft simply because it has a 2-blade prop? Thank you for any advice you share.

2 blade prop is lighter, cheaper to overhaul (and much easier to ship) - 3 blade has more ramp appeal and slightly more ground clearance. I would not consider it a factor in buying a used aircraft.

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Thank you Clyde. Can you comment on difference in vibration or noise associated with the different types of propeller?

I would.

A 2 blade is lighter providing more useful load; there are less blades to nick, and it’s more efficient too.

WARNING: if you are single, you will get less dates, but you will get there faster.

Check the weight and balance on 3-blade SR20’s. You might be disappointed at the gross weight creating necessary with two decent sized adults in the front seats. I swapped my 3-blade metal blade for 3-blade composite because the composite was 40lb lighter. Huge improvement to W&B

The two blade vibrates a lot more than the 3 blade And it doesn’t cool as well. Don’t base your aircraft purchase on what kind of prop it has too much. Used metal props are cheap.

Hi Michael.

I have a 2004 G2 SR20 with the 2-blade prop. Just recently had the prop overhauled and contemplated the same question on whether or not is was worth the upgrade to a 3-blade.

The decision was no, based on several factors… availability and cost of 3-blade being the biggest factor. But, also the fact that the “upgrade” was not worth it in my opinion. I consistently see 152kts true at 2580 rpm cruise, and usually have climb rates of 500-700 fpm on nice “normal” days.

I cannot speak to the vibration differences, but I do not believe the 2-blade provides a noticeable vibration or excess noise. I use Bose headsets so I don’t know that I would even notice the difference in noise levels.

Overall, I love the SR20 and other than the expense of the parachute replacement and a engine overhaul due to a cracked case caused by the #1 Alternator mounting location, I have traveled cross country twice from California to Florida, and up to Duluth Minn to visit the Cirrus location.

Hope this helps!