3 Blade Prop on SR22

The 3 blade prop is standard on the SR22. From everything I’ve ever read, for GA aircraft, about the only thing a 3 blade prop is good for is that it looks cool. They are heavier (iow, reduce useful load), more complex (iow, cost more to maintain), much more expensive, and don’t add any appreciable performance.

Does the three blade prop add performance to the SR22? Is it available with a 2 blade prop (at a reduced cost)?




Take a look at the link below. 3 blade props, especially with big bore engines (remember, 310HP needs to be turned into thrust) make a difference in climb and takeoff roll. Further, as I think this article will explain, the noise and vibration alone make it worthwhile.

I fly in a very noise sensitive area and I’m confident that the neighbors will be happy the plane only comes with a three blade.

Oh, yeah, and it looks really cool!


The 3 blade is much smoother.Easier on the engine to spin a 3 blader’ I tried both.The 2 blade advantage is slowing down the bird as you have much more disk area in the wind when power is back .2 blades do look good on a T-6 Texan though. :slight_smile:

They have already raised the height of the 22. With a 2 blade there might be clearance problems