Why I chose the SR20

Last summer I began reading about the Cirrus airplane and decided it should be my next plane. I have owned several Beeches, 2 Cessnas and one Areocommander.
This was the time the SR22 started to make it appearance.
I arranged for a demo ride in the SR22 prior to odering the same. Found the SR22 to be very noisy although I was assurred the some some problem with the gasket. The impression the SR22 left with me it was too much of a hotrod, simply there was to much engine for the airframe. It was the same continental engine as in my last beach, a truly wonderful engine, but simply too much for the cirrus airframe.
After studying the specs I realized I would have great difficulties with the wings width to accomodate the plane in the 40ft hanger, a mere 18" to spare. So I chose an SR20 and was fortunate enough to buy a contract from one of my neighbors. The promised delivery was Feb 02.
Unfortunately the delivery date has been postponed twice and I am now looking at August 02. Still I am happy with my choice, I can live with 20knots less speed and no problems with vibrations and having a tuned exhaust.

Except when will I see my SR20 ?

Have a happy new years