Considering an SR22, performance questions


As a group, we’re considering the purchase of an SR22 and have identified a particular 2007 airframe. Please could someone provide some performance data, in particular cruise data including speeds and fuel flow? I’m doing what I’m sure plenty have done before me and preparing a spreadsheet with a comparison between our existing aircraft and an SR22.

Thanks in advance!


What is your group flying now? I bet many COPA members have experience with both what you have and what you are looking at.
Are you looking at turbo? where are you flying and what are the typical missions of your group? What do you want to be doing?
I have an older SR22 (2003) but am very happy with about 168 to 170 kts at about 14 gallons per hour at around 8000 ft.
Check for public profiles of the model you are looking at and you can see a huge cross section of actual performance data.
The cirrus performance data online from cirrus is accurate and their online manual is excellent. The only cavat is most pilots of non turbo planes fly LOP, which is not detailed in the cirrus manual. For turbo planes, the cirrus has a very advanced system from TAT and LOP operations are standard.
If you have a big enough group you might consider buying a new plane with FIKI and G1000. I thought I saw Cirrus has some financing options for group buyers that might be attractive too.
I would also suggest joining COPA if you have not done so. I think it represents the best collection of pilots with expertise in high performance single engine operations anywhere. Well worth it even if you don’t persue a Cirrus. I have learned a tremendous amount over my one year of membership.

Thanks Eric, perhaps I should have given a little more detail :slight_smile:

We’re currently operating a 1979 Commander 114A from Liverpool, England. We’re looking at normally aspirated, missions are typically around the UK and into Europe, so high DAs aren’t much of a concern.

The figures you mention are even better than those I had been working from but I’ll certainly take a look at, thanks for the link.

I’ve flown in G-FIKI, the Cirrus UK demonstrator though the aircraft we’re realistically looking at is Avidyne equipped. I’ve seen the engine monitring available and agree that LOP has to be the sensible way to fly these days, enabled by all that fantastic monitoring equipment!

My old SR22 is not one of the faster ones (like all planes, there seems to be up to ~5 knots different airframe to airframe). But I plan for 170 KTAS at about 14gph anywhere from about 6000 to 10000 ft. Almost identical to the previous post, I see…

I think 14gph and 170kts will do nicely for putting into a spreadsheet for comparison with existing numbers. Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

I agree. As a renter I have flown half a dozen different SR22’s, both G1 and G2 and the range has been about 166-174 KTAS @ 14 gph.