Unique things to do in Las Vegas

If your trip to Migration 12 is a long one, consider arriving early and enjoying what Las Vegas has to offer as a destination. You can get the discounted M12 rates at GVR earlier in the week … as long as they have rooms available! Of course, there is all of the glitz and glamour for which Las Vegas is well-known. Casinos along “the Strip” offer gambling, evening shows with headliner performers, and some excellent dining. You can check with Concierge Services (702-617-7744 or gvrconcierge@stationcasinos.com) at Green Valley Ranch, our host resort, for some recommendations. However, there are other interesting attractions behind the bright lights that you might want to explore. In their own words, here are a few suggestions from the M12 Planning Team for off-the-beaten-path activities:

  • http://www.nationalatomictestingmuseum.org/ My father was at several Atomic Tests as a soldier. I wanted to go see this museum to have a better idea of what he was telling me.
  • http://gspawn.com/ I watch Pawn Stars on the History Channel. Want to go to the shop and see the OLD MAN and if there is anything I would want to buy.
  • Here is a link to the shows that will be there in October. Given we are mostly a grey hair group, there are some entertainers on the list that were BIG when we were young: http://www.searchlasvegasshows.com/lasvegasoctober.html Kind of sad to see that Donnie and Marie and Olivia Newton-John are still entertaining. Britney is there also.
  • Wicked is there: http://wickedtour.net/wicked-las-vegas Folks could attend Thurs. before the COPA Cabana party for example. Wicked is at the Smith Center http://www.thesmithcenter.com/ with quite an assortment of entertainment.
  • Downtown Vegas’ Freemont Street has been turned into the covered walkway instead of the road that used to be there. http://vegasexperience.com/ There are several casinos, restaurants and assorted entertainment - the VivaVision light show is every hour after 6 p.m. (or dusk) until midnight.
  • LV also has The Mob Museum @ http://themobmuseum.org/. You could easily spend all day there. It covers all kinds of things relating to the mob, organized crime, and the trials. It is also downtown.
    Why not arrive early, link up with some of your COPA friends, and enjoy a little more of what Las Vegas has to offer?


The Eagles are in town Saturday night of the Migration. Will have to miss the dinner but, probably worth it.


50 miles north off I-15 is the Valley of Fire park , my favorite and second only to Zion National Park. Both spectacular and worth visiting by car

Every time I fly across the country over the southern route, I play Take It Easy as I fly over Winslow Arizona. The trip last summer with my daughter… Well she didn’t find the fun in it.

Wow! The Eagles. I haven’t seen them since I lived in Dallas, TX back in '73 or so. That brings back some great memories…