Flying commercially to Migration

Migration 12 promises to be a great event. If you live east of the Mississippi and are a bit put off by the distance to Las Vegas, consider coming commercially.

While part of the fun in Migrations is seeing all the Cirrus aircraft arriving from all over, it is understandable that someone may be reluctant to make a 1500+ NM Cirrus trip for a 3- or 4-day event.

If you would like to attend but are reluctant to use your Cirrus, take comfort that Las Vegas has extensive airline service from all US hubs. Fares are reasonable (RT from Chicago is about $500 and from NY about $700). You could leave Thurs AM, be in Las Vegas in time for COPA Cabana Thursday night and be back home in time for work on Monday. Plus, Green Valley Ranch, our destination resort, provides free shuttle service to and from the Las Vegas McCarran airport. Contact the GVR Concierge at (702) 617-7744 or with any questions about the shuttle schedule.

I know it’s politically incorrect to even suggest airline flying on the COPA forums, but even with all the hassles, it’s hard to beat the airlines on flights over 1500 NM. So if you’d like to go to Migration but are not excited about a really long cross-country, consider that you have a reasonable, cost-effective alternative. For some trips, there’s no shame in using the airlines.


Thanks for the summary on commercial air service options for Migration. It’s always an option worth considering in many circumstances. A few years ago, after doing an IMSAFE self-evaluation, I grounded myself and took commercial to M9-Rockies. It took more time due to a layover, but cost was actually less (GASP!!) than what 100LL cost at that time. I did miss the chance to set my own travel schedule and itinerary, plus the great fun of flying myself, but it was a reasonable option for me.

Be safe and have fun,


I’m glad that you brought up this subject! I know that I’ve always associated Migration with a long cross-country flight in my SR-22. BUT, the survey we ran last year after M11 (in Mobile, AL) indicated that the cross-country flight, itself, wasn’t really the reason that folks attended Migration. The top reasons (in order of importance) were:

  1. Socialize with fellow Cirrus pilots AND aviation education seminars (tied for 1st)
  2. Participate in flying skills training
  3. Aviation-related activities or locations (museums, air shows, exhibits, historical sites, factories, FAA infrastructure, military, etc.)
  4. Direct access to vendors AND Exhibitor trade show (tied for 4th place)
  5. Visit resort locations
    “Interesting flying (cross-country, mountain, over-water, international)” was last (11th place)! So, frankly, it makes sense that hopping a commercial flight is a perfect way to attend Migration when the time and expense factors associated with GA flight just can’t be justified. [:D]


I flew the friendly skies to Mobile. To my knowledge I was not the recipient of scorn… at least not to my face! And I was not, repeat, not required to wear a scarlet letter, C version.