Babysitting services at M12?

Last year’s post-Migration survey revealed that our demographics no longer merit creating and staffing Camp COPA, a unique (but incredibly time-consuming) service provided at Migration for many years. However, we wanted to make sure that any parents desiring to attend Migration with young children realized that Green Valley Ranch’s Concierge Services had already addressed that potential concern. When I inquired, they had an immediate response:

Nannies & Housekeepers U.S.A. (Vegas Concierge Association preferred vendor), 702.451.0021 , Price: $10 booking fee & $45 per hour (4 hr min)

Artsy Nannies,****702.448.4352, $20 reservation fee, $23 per hour (3 hr min)

** **Around The Clock Child Care, 702.365.1040, $20 per hour (4 hr min)

So, although our Migration programs are designed for adults (and older youth), childcare is readily available through several vendors selected by GVR, our host resort. The M12 Planning Team has no direct knowledge regarding any of the above services. Please contact GVR Concierge Services directly if you have questions – 702.617.7777 .


For the single childless adults, there is also a babysitting service where you might wish to visit the cute little bunny ranch just outside of town. I have no experience with this location, but I’m told that it’s very popular.

All pictures have been omitted, but would appreciate that if you go, please post your pictures.

Does the Chicken Ranch in Texas count? Before it was a movie and a play, it was a great place to visit if you were a student in Texas.


Dennis, you’re getting your “wildlife” confused. But, John has the right idea. And, for anyone needing guidance, here’s something to help point the way:


No No No. It is you and John who are mixing up your wildlife.

The “Chicken Ranch” (better known as the “LaGrange Chicken Ranch”) is (or was, as it’s been moved) located half way between Houston & Austin and a frequent stopping place for Texas A&M and Univ of Texas (hook’m horns) students, and made famous in the movies, and before that, off-Broadway. It was an establishment of which I am familiar, (but would never frequent)

The “Bunny Ranch” is in Nevada

It is apparent to even me, that the two of you have only frequented the turkey ranch.

You guys are way too familiar with wildlife.


Yea. But we didn’t inhale.

More expensive than the bunny ranch!

Or so Haber and Ylinen tell me[;)]

Or so Haber and Ylinen tell me

OK then. We finally, after several days, have some consensus.

  1. It’s a “Bunny Ranch”

  2. It’s “anecdotal” evidence" with no direct contact, and strictly is “advisory” in nature, with no personal knowledge.

  3. The Bunny Ranch is cheaper than a baby sitter.

I’m not sure where this leaves us, but it’s very interesting.

I have samples I can bring to people worried they can’t do the 4 hour minimum.