COPA M16: Volunteers Needed!!

Planning is well underway for this year’s Migration at the Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa October 11-14, 2018 but the Migration Committee could really use some help in the following areas:

  • Arrivals/Departure Procedures: This is a critical volunteer slot that we need to fill asap. We need to coordinate with ATC early to assure that they can provide appropriate guidance to fly 200 planes into the busy Las Vegas airspace. Work with or knowledge of ATC procedures is a plus here!

  • Sponsor/ Exhibitor Sign-Ups: We depend on sponsorship and exhibitor dollars to help defray the cost of Migration so we can keep it as reasonable as possible for our members.

  • Event Planning: We could use assistance in event planning- there is tons to do from making sure we greet folks properly upon arrival to sending everyone off with a nice lunch upon departure Sunday with multiple events in between to plan and execute with the precision of the Blue Angles!

The Committee work is a lot of fun with lots of nice people. And we are an all volunteer organization so help is needed!

Please PM me or email me at if you have an interest in making this year’s Migration be one of the best ever!


Bill Myers

M16 Chair

As an update, Erik Gunderson has stepped up to handle the Arrivals and Departures as well as leading our IT efforts on the Migration Committee for M16. Both of these are key roles in assuring a successful migration, and this year the IT role is pretty important as we are switching to new event software which while very promising, always poses some challenges. Please join me in thanking Erik for volunteering and bringing some great energy to our Migration Committee.

For those who don’t know, pulling off a successful Migration is no easy feat and takes the work of a lot of very dedicated people. Here is this years Migration team:

Erik Gunderson
Arrival/Departure Procedures/ IT Oversight
Bill Myers
Dennis Haber
Volunteer Coordinator & Publicity
Donna Cregar
Pins & Stickers, Event Administration, Signage, & Check-In
Scott Williams
Seminars & Speakers ( COPA U Sessions)
Kim Blonigen
Program Guide (electronic)
Justin Wulf
Check-In/ Overall Registration
Paul S. Barnett
Exhibitors & Sponsors, Tradeshow, Ad Sales
Kim Blonigen
Cirrus Pilot articles/ and much more!
We always have room for more as there is a lot of work to do in putting on a three day event for 500+ people, so please feel free to email or PM me!!

We are very excited to put on a fantastic migration in Las Vegas!!!

I want to personally thank each of you for your volunteerism. We can’t do this without you. Thank you.

What Roger said!