two issues to solve

What I thinh Cirrus should do is finish any 22 that are on the line. Start making 20 untill the problem with the vibrations are solved.I am sure the 22 pos holders would want this and the 20 holders would be happy I have my plane so I have nothing to gain I just want all to be happy.I also would like to know are there any 22 out there that dont vibrate If so then that would help to know.if I was waiting for a 22 I think I would not take delivery if on the acceptance flight it had this issue.I am so glad I got SR20.It seems to be a of things to fix on the 22. I have had only 2 things the service bulitons only.Serial no 1150.But I only have 65 hours but all is good so far. I wish some more would poat as to good isues on the planes. We need a possitive attitude. But I still think they should shift to 20 From Don

I think there are lots of 22s that don’t vibrate the way that a few posters have mentioned. In general, these forums tend to make problems seem broader than they are (not to minimize the vibration issue.) My 22 (#15) doesn’t seem to vibrate any worse than the 20s I’ve flown.

David, Thank you for confirming that I haven’t lost all my senses (at least yet). In the 100+ hours I’ve flown my 22 I really haven’t noticed any significant vibration at all. In fact it seems to be much smoother than most general aviation aircraft I’ve flown. Looking at all the posts I was beginning to think that my plane had something wrong because it DIDN’T vibrate. I’d like to hear from others who have not noticed any problem to see what percentage of the fleet is affected.
For information I usually fly at about 20 inches/2500 rpm in the 8-10,000 altitude range.
Jerry Seckler

IMy SR22 #043 is somewhere in the middle.

There are periods of moderate vibration (more than in previous aircraft) and then periods when she is extremely smooth. The % of time when I experience vibration appears to be increasing with hrs on the aircraft (currently 175).

Does not appear directly related to power / RPM setting, but I’ll try a somewhat broader range and see.

While I wouldn’t call it a huge issue, it is severe enough (and possibly increasing) that I am concerned about its impact on the life of the avionics.

In addition, I’d hate to see a huge SB/AD cost coming out after the warranty has expired.

For one, I’d like to see CD extend the warranty at least 6 months beyond the date that they provide a fix for the vibration issue - both to cover the fix itself and also any vibration-induced avionics failures.



I too was wondering what all the hub bub over the vibration issue was about. Mine is serial number 9 and after seeing all these posts I perceive perhaps the slightest of vibration at cruise power. It may even be induced by my looking for it rather than being really there :wink:

I have no complaints (on this issue, anyway) in nearly a 100 hours. Really have only ever had minor compliants in 7 months of service.


These posts about no, or minimal vibrations are good to read. I did wonder if this was a fleet problem, it seems as if it may not be so. I still wonder, if, as hours on the airframe builds, so will the vibrations. It would be great if all 22 owners would keep this forum posted as to their experience with “bad vibes”. Mike