I have been flying my new sr22 since 6/17 (n863cd) and always felt a small vibration on the seat and dash, I am told that this is very common , has anyone experience the same problem and have you been successfull in fixing it??

I have about 90 hours on my 22 delivered end of July. There were a couple of vibration experiences which could not be solved in flight by power/mixture or other adjustments. However, since a kindly contributor to this forum pointed me in the direction of the nosewheel, I have experienced no vibration problems. Have the nosewheel torque setting checked by a service centre…a free spinning wheel in flight may be the problem.
milo SR22/0268 C-GPOK

Vibration in SR22 is quite common. Several things to check

  • correlation of vibration with engine speed (do RPM changes affect frequency? if not, then check fairings and other aerodynamic things)

  • nosewheel tolerances, to reduce rotation in flight (very, very common)

  • service bulletin for SR22 vibration reduction kit (modifies exhaust mounts, sometimes not much effect reported)

  • prop balance (possible, but probably a last resort)

  • injectors (do a GAMI lean test to see how unmatched are your cylinders)

Lots more speculation if you search COPA member’s forum for “vibration”

Based on observation that vibration is felt in the seat, then I recommend the SR22 vibration kit and the nosewheel service.


I’ve read the previous threads on nosewheel torque with interest - I thought I noticed a new vibration in my 22 today at abojut 30 hours hobbs.

(Dumb?) question…what torque are we talking about here? The wheel on the axle, or the nosewheel assembly on the strut?

In other words, is it the whole assembly, including fairing, vibrating on the strut (in the axis that pivots during ground operation), or the nosewheel/tire vibrating on the axle? Both?



A free spinning nosewheel can cause a harmonic vibration travelling through the airframe. Your service centre should have the torque settings for the nosewheel which might be a quick fix to your problem. If the whole nose fairing is loose you should be able to check for this in your pre-flight. The nose fairing assembly, as far as I can determine, is just about the weakest part of the whole airplane. My 22 and two other 20’s in Canada that I know of have lost some or all of the nose fairing assembly in ‘normal operations’. Hopefully a new design, or one containing new materials, is in the works.
You might also make a habit of quickly tapping the brakes after take-off to stop any main wheel spin.
Good luck

How would you describe a “harmonic” vibration? My 22 has a sort of pulsing vibration…it basically vibrates at one second or so intervels at 2500 rpms and decreases with increased rpms. Our service center thinks it’s the engine but so far no luck for a cure…

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My 22 has a sort of pulsing vibration…

On a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is “hardly noticable” and 5 is “This drives me crazy,” where on the scale would you rate this in terms of annoyance?

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. . . decreases with increased rpms

This seems counter-intuitive, but hey, I’m only a computer scientist, not a real scientist!

That frequency and pulsing sensation was similar to the vibration that went away when my nosewheel was re-torqued and the fairing bracket repaired. Explanation was that the nosewheel was rotating in flight and causing the vibration. Kinda fun to watch the mechanics jump onto the empennage to lift the nose while another mechanic twirled the nosewheel!


I would rate it a 3. It’s constant and annoying. It’s small enough where you can sometimes forget about it, but it’s always there. It’s more pronounced at 2400-2500 rpms. I love the plane but this REALLY has me down.


also, if I cut the power and descend to keep up the same airspeed, no vibration.