SR22 Vibration

Looking for any advise on cure for vibration in SR22 #123 with about 30 hours.

My service center in Houston had the prop balanced and the prop man stated it did not need any adjustment and only charged $150. for his trouble since he did not have to do any further work.

Next they found landing light heat shield touching the engine mount and trimed—still no improvement.

They checked the springs on the exhaust muffler support and think they still have enough play or spring if you will—still no improvement.

The vibration is more than just an annoyance, the seat and floor feel like you are sitting in a vibrating chair, you can watch the wing tips vibrate. The problem is most noticeable during cruise and not so much during climb or a least this is when I have noticed it.

Other than a few other problems like the auto pilot has a brain fart and decides to pitch up and also seems to flutter left and right during cruise. (any ideas on the auto pilot?) The heater cable broke, the wife has cold feet… but no big deal. A few other minor problems not worth talking about.

The plane is a dream to fly, after about 1,000 hours in a Tiger, this thing feels like a rocket. Love the Garmins and look forward to the Avidine install soon. Skywatch is worth every dime, it may have saved my rear as a guy cut me off in the pattern from above and I was able to see him on the screen and make adjustments and let him know it would be nice if he used or listened to his radio. My wife also feels an additional level of comfort so I know it is worth it.

Thanks in advance with any help.

There have been a number of posts on SR22 vibration and you may want to peruse those from earlier. Cirrus representatives talked about SR22 vibration at AOPA in November and acknowledged that there seems to be an endemic problem as yet not fully diagnosed. One area being investigated involves suspicion that the engine may sag in its mounts and bring some engine component or accessory into contact with the cowl. This has, as yet, not been confirmed nor has a fix been announced.

I’d be interested in knowing if the vibration problem were apparent during the acceptance test flight and training or did it only show up later?

We have the same issue with #108. It seems to have become more noticeable after about 40 hours on the plane. It has a frequency of about two cycles per second. That is, the vibration surges a couple of times per second and is fairly consistent. The wingtip vibration is also apparent.

Over the months since I took possession of Ser.#39 in June, I have written several posts regarding the vibration issue. I have personally done quite a number of things to isolate (pun) the vibration problem. The factory has basically given all of us the run-around regarding vibration. I do agree on one thing with the factory however. It’s in the exhaust system but their fix is no good. They have stated the vibration is due to the exhaust system attached to a portion of the engine mount. I agreed at first so I completely detached the exhaust system from the engine mount and suspended it from a set of springs. The vibration did not go away…so the rubber isolator/dampener they’re experimenting with will not fix the problem. I reported the vibration back in June and I was not the first to report it… they’ve been working on it for over 6 months. I spoke with an engineer at Continental. He feels as do I, that the vibration is generated by the exhaust system as a whole. There are too many bends in the exhaust system. The collision of exhaust gasses within the excessive number of bends and the excessive angles of the bends creates the vibrating shocks that we feel on the floor and the seats. By the way, I have modified my exhaust system and virtually eliminated the vibration. I believe a permanent solution will be found in a dual exhaust system.
Meanwihile, this vibrations wreaks havoc on all sorts of components. In 170 hours, I have replaced the tach sender, the Sandel HSI, the remote gyro and s-tec auto pilot control module. Other items have cracked or broken and some I have not fixed yet. Cirrus is great about sending replacement parts. You won’t find a nicer bunch of people to work with. I do love the airplane but I guarantee other parts will break prematurely after the warranty has expired. The repairs will be very expensive. By the way, unlike my Skylane, the instrument panel does not seem to be mounted on rubber shock mounts. Someone please tell me I’m mistaken. I love my SR22… It’s great. I wouldn’t trade it for any other plane in its class. Just one person’s experience.

My SR22 (S/N 0091) also suffers from vibration. It seems worst at 2500 RPM. Prop balancing did not help. I’ve been managing the issue by cruising high and therefore obtaining cruise power at 26-2700 RPM, where the vibration is much less objectionable. I’m looking forward to the fix from CD.

Apart from the rattles and a few minor avionics squawks (e.g., A/P pitch down on transmissions) the plane is in great shape at 110 hours. My partners and I love it (now if were only certified for known icing… :>)


Hi Jim,

Glad that you are enjoying the new plane…I do love mine as well, but am suffering similar vibration problems. Strangely, mine did not really become noticeable until about 24 hours on the Hobbs. I had a cracked exhaust pipe hangar (should be a clue as to where the problem might be). I also had a crack on the oil cooler mounting bracket. Oil cooler was replaced. Vib seems a bit better at 40 hours, and all but disappears if I pull MP back to 20"…but then this drops the RPM back to around 2300 and everything gets better above or below 2500 RPM. I noticed today for the first time that I have picked up an intermittent failure in my tach sensor…it went to zero for about 5 seconds then it wandered around until it settled back down to 2500RPM…there was NO change in engine RPM so there is no doubt that it is either the sensor or the cabling to the sensor…I am sure that the vibration issues will continue to exacerbate the problem.

I put 4 hours on the plane today. Once I am in cruise and have the engine leaned, the vib really does seem to have diminished (although it is NOT gone) from what it was at 25 hours…I will keep my fingers crossed that a solution is at hand.

Best Regards to you and Susie!

Having almost been killed by an exhaust system separation, I am very concerned by the reports of the problems with the exhaust system of the SR22. About eighteen months ago, my turbo 182 suffered an exhaust system separation. The hot exhaust subsequently started a fire that burned the tire off my nose wheel (gear was retracted at the time) and burned several hoses before I could get back on the ground. The hydraulic lines that controlled the gear were burned so I couldn’t have extended the gear even had the nose wheel not burned. The repair shop told me that I was very fortunate that the aircraft didn’t burn completely.

I am by no means an exhaust system expert, but if, in fact, a flaw in the design of the exhaust system is severe enough to cause the vibrations that are being reported on this forum, I will be very nervous about flying the airplane. I am slated to take delivery of my SR22 in several months and this issue is very troubling.

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I am in Duluth now and took delivery of unit 134 yesterday.
I did notice some vibration on the check flight but it was very subtle. I am nervous now since during the maintenance briefing the service manager told me that there were concerns about the exhaust system causing vibration.
I too will be very unhappy if I have to accept vibration in this 300k + airplane.
As a point of reference, the manager said that the plane they have for testing does not vibrate so the can’t pinpoint the source…
Jon Martin

Because of earlier posts, I was looking for vibration on the acceptance flight and have been watching for it. Since around 25 hours, I sometimes notice a slight vibration at the detent (about 2500 RPM) in SR22 #121. My previous plane, a Cessna 182 had a similar vibration at one particular RPM setting. The workaround in the Cessna was to adjust prop and throttle to get the desired power level with a different RPM. That is not possible in the Cirrus due the single power lever, however a little playing with the power and/or checking the mixture for correct leaning has so far eliminated the vibration very quickly without much power reduction (I am still trying to operate at 75% through the brake-in period). I have not seen mention of mixture in any of the other postings but it seems to be part of the solution for me. Wondering if anyone else has noticed this?

It is difficult to describe vibration levels. At all other settings my SR22 is smoother than any other plane that I have flown except the SR20. When the vibration starts, it is noticeable relative to this smooth operation at all other settings. I would say the vibration level is about the same or very slightly more than what I would consider normal in a typical Cessna 172 or 182. At this point I consider this a minor issue.

I now have about 33 hours on the plane. I have been watching for other squaks, but so far the oil dipstick calibration is the only other minor issue.

Hi all

I Just came back from a trip from Houston to Memphis round trip, total time 5 hours.

I own SR 22 serial no. 0050. total time 90 hours

Very smooth flight which gave me a great opportunity to explore into the vibration problem that I have been suffering from since day one. (one dynamic prop balance with minor improvements)

I was flying at 8500 ft, 2400rpm, 22.5 inches,EGT 1375 , CHT 260, fuel flow 16.5gph, outside temp 0c, TAS 176, GS 191(full fuel and 3 adults)

I have noticed vibrations through the flight start to finish, It appears to be engine related and when the feet are flat on the floorboard very noticeable, it also travels through the seat and instrument panel.

I have checked all the engine settings between 20 inches all the way up to 25inches and full RPM, worked LOP and ROP with no change in the vibrations.

I have observed that once every several minutes or so the vibrations travel through the aircraft body all the way to the wing tips and stays there with light to moderate oscillations for about 10 or 15 seconds and then dies down to the “regular” vibs.

I hope this pirep may help cirrus solve the riddle (which I am sure they will), otherwise I still believe the aircraft is excellent and combined with cirrus impeccable customer service creates an incredible experience, the more I fly the more I enjoy it.

Moses Grad
Houston TEXAS

To add to my previous post regarding SR22 exhaust system design that is the cause of vibration…
Next time you have your cowl off, count the bends in the exhaust system. There are 5 bends before the exhaust reaches the muffler that are almost 90 degree bends. First of all 90 degree bends are very uncommon on any exhaust system. One would be hard pressed to find 90 degree bends on any low output auto engine. A single muffler exhaust system, in order to fit under the SR22 cowl had to have many bends. There are too many bends and they are too tight. Another bad side effect of the single exhaust system is the charring of the lower cowl due to the heat of the exhaust pipe which is too close to the cowl. Fiberglass is no match when it comes to intense heat so close. Just take a look at the lower cowl attachment area near the nose gear opening when you have your cowl off.

Again, my hat is off to Cirrus for a great airplane. Just one man’s opinion.

Have SR22 #77. Love it except, for the vibration. You mentioned fixing the problem by modifying the syatem. What exactly did you do and has Cirrus reviewed?
Thanks, Craig

How did you modify the exhaust system? Aren’t you concerned with the consequences of an unauthorized modification,? Although the consequences of flying with vibration are not great either. Having said this, would your fix point the factory in the right directoin for a fleet-wide solution?

Here’s another man’s opinion…SR22 planes that ‘vibrate’ to level descibed on these posts have something ‘seriouly wrong’ with them. Period… Or will have in the near future…
Vibration(s) creates havoc everywhere and on practically every other component in your plane drastically reducing its useful life at a minimum. Vibrations in yachts, smaller boats, poorly tuned cars and planes are ‘cancer’.
Stop making excuses and trying to fix something that is 110% a factory …today …isssue.
Cirrus can say they are OK to fly until the first one comes down for this…
Here’s my suggestion which has brought immediate results in a few other business situations:

  1. EVERYONE should cease taking delivery of their new 22’s immediately. If this means you loose your slot…take delivery and park it
  2. EVERYONE with a 22 experiencing this potentially fatal problem should return their plane and ‘park it’ as well in Duluth. COPA should organize this return ‘fly-in’ (trust me…you won’t be there an afternoon…Cirrus would have an immediate response)
  3. Give Cirrus 7 days to affirmatively and positively correct the problem…If not, be PREPARED for legal action and to alert the press. (bet you a plane they already know the problem but correcting it now would probably halt production and eliminate cash flow. If not, they can hire a serious engineer who could diagnose the problem.)
  4. Finally, stop talking about how politically correct Cirrus’ customer service is in responding to our needs…we are customers first and they are suppose to be courteous.

If this approach was engaged a year ago with the 20’s…we wouldn’t STILL be reading about, HSI’s, Vac pumps, oscillating auto pilots, nose wheel shimmies, bonding, landing lights, extreme oils temps, etc. with STILL no FIRM solution from CIRRUS. Hell, I’m guessing there aren’t 10 people out there who really know ‘how much oil’ is in there plane because who knows with the stick on the 20.

Companies in there early stages can’t handle an organized customer nightmare and we are now strong enough in numbers to be heard ‘collectively’. Would this shake Cessna…of course not, Cirrus…bet your ass at this stage and with their new capital.
Organize it and DO IT and you’ll vibrating will cease shortly therafter… then we can continue to talk about other real important issues…vac pumpms, HSI’s …
Imagine 20-SR20’s and 22- SR22’s ‘back-in Duluth’…then think of yourself as the CEO with 600 orders and the press down your back…what would your response be???
Good Luck…next fly-in…DULUTH.
Don Rennie


I have been on the receiving end of a number of the frustrations regarding the speed at which CD has responded to some widespread problems.

However, I would temper that with a couple of observations:

  1. All things considered, I do believe that they have been pretty responsive, taking into account everything on their platter. Not perfect by any means, but better than most.

  2. We have a vested interest in their having a proper balance between satisfying current owners’ needs and keeping the cash flow going. If they’re not financially healthy, it has serious consequences for us.

I agree that the vibration problem is serious, even though I’m a SR20 owner and am not personally impacted by this.

Personal opinion - have COPA rep (Marty or Mike) meet quarterly with Alan to have an open discussion of where they are priority-wise. Not that I think COPA should be setting priorities, but it would allow a constructive exchange.


if they don’t stop and fix the past problems…now…they are only creating a multiplier of problems they may never catch up to.

keeping cash flow going with equipment that is obviously flawed is a horrible business decision. Therefore, what appears to be a balance between satifying existing customer complaints and production for cash flow is actually a huge imbalance and will cripple them/us in the short term…regardless of orders

I meant to suggest a ‘customer council’ which meets with Cirrus …I agree in concept but Cirrus already knows what they have to do.

I am a 20 owner as well but would be less than honest with you if I didn’t say I am a bit frightened for those flying the 22’s with a false sense of security. Also, I have been on these forums for a year now and I can not believe the reptitive nature of problems which still aren’t resolved.

Copa should call any number of yacht/boat repair yards, Hatteras, Viking, Azimut, etc. and ask them what happens ‘structurally’ to composite/fiberglass from ‘normal’ vibrations before you get to serious…the damage you can’t see from the internal stress fractures of the glass…severe vibrations tear it apart! one of those 22’s will have serious internal/structural airframe damage and unfortunately we may find out what happens when you have to pull the chute then ground the fleet!

Don Rennie

I’ve just joined COPA and take delivery of a 22 on January 2nd 2002. I’ve been reading past posts and have been surprised that owners have not been more concerned about the fleet-wide vibration problem that seems to be the root cause of many of the other failures. There is no way that I will take delivery if the 22 vibrates during the acceptance flight. With other owners, was the vibration apparent during the acceptance flight or did it start later? It would be useful to know the parameters that cause the worst vibration. From what I have read it is in cruise at 2500 rpm but more specifics would help so I can be sure to cover the worst case scenario during acceptance.

Roger Buchanan

I have just switched over to the 22 from a 20 contract. I won’t take delivery until Sept. 02 but I too am very concerned about bad vibes. I still am not sure if this is a fleet problem or only certain SR22s. I am going to try to talk to Cirrus but I think this is exactly one of the things COPA was developed to deal with.

Did you switch solely because you decided you wanted a 22, or did you fear you would never get a 20 as they continually delay 20 orders? How many months did you gain in delivery time by switching? What is your original contract number and original estimated delivery date on the contract? I am trying to figure out whether or not to upgrade.