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I’m doing an Angel Flight into KBKL (Burke Lakefront in Cleveland, OH) on Wednesday. The flight schedule will have me landing about lunchtime, so I was wondering if there was anywhere good to eat near there.

I like Hornblowers restaurant a short work away from Million Air. You should be able to get the $5 landing fee waived if you call Million Air in advance. You will enjoy the flight into BKL…and if you get stuck there…go to the Ritz Carlton Hotel ask for Jacqui and she will give you our rate of $99 for a penthouse suite along the river. You could also visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…all within walking distance from the airport. If you come into the airport landing to the East you will enjoy a base turn over the Browns Stadium. BTW – the Indians games usually have plenty of seats available and Jacqui can handle the tickets to that as well…and it too is within walking distance from the Hotel. Yep – gotta love Cleveland !

Rockefeller sure knew what he was doing [:)]

If you happen to approach from the west, have a look on your Avidyne MFD and see if the smokestacks about 5 nm to the west on the shoreline are depicted on the MFD.

I was flying from Sandusky to Burke last summer at low altitude in haze and the 300’ +/- smokestack loomed into view without being depicted on the MFD… or so I recall.

It reminded me that no LCD will ever replace the old Mark 1 Eyeball or a charted instrument approach.

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BKL … landing about lunchtime, so I was wondering if there was anywhere good to eat near there

As others have mentioned, Hornblowers is within an easy walk. Beware, its nickname is Hornslowers.[:)]

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Any hints, tips, or tricks for dealing with ATC or the airport?

ATC should be no problem. BKL’s tower sometimes gets confused. The airport (a City airport) may try to get $5 from you for stopping by.[:(]

I have flown into BKL and did the base turn over the stadium, awesome. Million air also had the homemade otis spunkmeyer cookies hot from the oven when I arrived. Very nice FBO as all the MillionAirs have been that I have visited.

If someone can tell me how to attach a picture, I will post a shot of the stadium I took on departure.


Another hazard is during a night approach from the east. There is a huge brilliantly illuminated billboard visibile directly down the runway which does a nice job of completely wiping out your night vision.

Photos of the BKL area available at http://rob.com/pix/marty-tippfi-2003>http://rob.com/pix/marty-tippfi-2003.http://marty.rob.com/tippfi.
Yes - I just did a “Norm.”[:)]