as a local that is great info. too bad because they just built a great facility. their loss will be others gain.


You should also post this information on AirNav’s page about KHKY (http://www.airnav.com/airport/KHKYhttp://www.airnav.com/airport/KHKY).


Thanks for this tip, I could see myself doing the same thing at some point since I am also based close by. The important thing here is to rally enough people to boycott airports where this kind of thing is going on, or your own aiport will be next. I am nervous about neighboring airports adopting similar policies after seeing it be ‘successful’ someplace else. For reference, Savannah, GA does not have a landing fee, per se, but Signature (the only FBO) has ridiculous fuel prices and tie down charges.


Thanks for the heads-up. I was flying by HKY last Saturday, thinking I hadn’t landed there in a while, and I needed to go. Not anymore!

Had a similar situation in Wilmington,DE years ago. Was a wonderful place to go to practice IFR with a good ILS to runway 1. Then they strated landing fees for wach landing and nobody went there anymore.
I think the fees have stopped but I have never been back.

this same thing happened to me at hilton head SC. I was dropping off my boss, which would be a land, taxi up to the fbo, get his bags and leave (5 mins max). A line guy comes up to me and asks if i need anything and i go nope just dropping my boss off. He then goes we have a $50.00 landing fee. I honestly thought that he was kidding, and just laughed, but he wasnt laughing. I then go are you serious, he is like yes, and he said i get the same reaction you gave me all the time. We paid the fee, and were able to get out of hte fee coming back, cuz we told them that there is no way that we will ever fly in here again with this kinda fee.

The reason they had a fee there was because the guy that sold fuel on the feild advertised in aopa and the fuel was extreamely cheap, but the fbo did not own the fuel, so pilots would fly in, fuel up, use the fbo, give them nothing, and leave.

I ended up hearing that if you want to get out of the fee (for those of you familiar with hilton head). instead of going to the fbo, just go to where all the aircraft park, just north of hte fbo, drop off the passengers and leave, they cant enforce the fee, because they dont own the airport.

what happens if you just dont pay it?

25 bucks to touch down, run inside and grab a set of plates??? Unbelievable. They will pay in the long run, far more than pilots will be burned by this

Something is VERY ODD about your experience. I have been flying to Hilton Head for 10 years regularly and have never been told of a $50 landing fee. How long ago did this happen?
Wher you told this at Carolina Air?
I have not met a nicer, friendlier bunch of folks that those at the FBO at Hilton Head. It is a great island to visit as well.

this happened in March. They just started it because a second “self serve fbo” selling cheap fuel and the pilots would then go to Carolina Air to use the facilities, that is what they said when we were there. Check out airnav there are a few comments about it there as well.


Good old civil disobedience.

Very new then but understandable. BUT, if you do NOT buy the cheap fuel and buy Carolina Air fuel, you are OK; no landing fee.

i do not want to buy fuel at all on a trip like this, based in orlando i do it round trip on on fill, then fill up for really cheap in evb ($2.39) which is 5 minutes from orlando.

anyway i can maybe understand a $25 fee, but $50 is really pricey.