N34TG planning a trip from Greenville S.C. into the Dallas-Ft Worth area. I am considering flying into either KGKY or KRBD. If anyone has suggestions as to which airport would be best from an IFR standpoint I would appreciate your advise. What precautions would you tell me about with regard to traffic etc.?

I have floqn into Dallas many times from PA…used to use Addison…great FBOs and an ILS, but fuel was expensive…I started flying into Rockwall (F46 )last year.Rockwall is on the esat shore of lake Ray Hubbard. THey have GPS approach and $2.05 fuel…great folks. I have flown in at least 5 times in IMC conditions…never had a problem…of course this may be a bit too far east for you, but it is a cost effective change from ADS.

Good Luck!
SR22, #122

A couple of additional notes regarding ADS - There is a Cirrus Service Center on the field at Monarch Aviation, should you need any work done.

One of the FBO’s, Mercury, is running a fuel special this summer for $2.30. Avis is also nearby and will deliver to the FBO, or you can rent directly from the FBO.

It really depends where you are going in the Metroplex.