Philadelphia Reccomendations?

Once again I’m asking for airport and FBO recommendations. This time I’ll be flying from Cleveland to Philadelphia for a meeting in downtown Philly (and staying the night). Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.

I have flown into PNE Philly Northeast. It is Class D and less busy than the main airport.

The FBO there Air something??? did a great job and has just been remodled.

A cab ride downtown was about $25.00 if I recall.


PNE is a towered airport with ILS approach. Ride to downtown about 30 minutes. Fuel runs about $3.00 and both FBO s charge hefty landing and handling and ramp fees. Atlantic Aviation is cheaper.
Wings N67 is a nontowered airport with fuel running about $2.30 and and easy in/out procedures. If IFR pick your clerance on the cell phone from Philly Approach. Car rentals are available with advanced notice right at FBO. About 30 minutes to downtown.
PHL is a busy US Air hub. Would not recomend.


I do not remember a landing/ramp fee at PNE, at most it was $5 total with fuel purchase. The staff at North Phila Jet Center (in the north corner of the airport above 6/24) was quite friendly and helpful. I believe their fuel was also cheaper than the other two FBOs. Their favorite limo service was prompt as well.

So far Mason, Rafal and Michael have all mentioned PNE, which would work well but for the possibly annoying ride into and out of downtown.

Doing additional homework, I looked at for comments about PHL (the nearest airport to my>destination.)).comments 'bout small planes using Atlantic Aviation at the class bravo airport.

Would I be nuts to consider going into PHL?

Marty, not at all. I’ve been there several times (although in a larger airplane) and found it GA friendly. While it’s busy it’s not as bad as many Class B fields and it’s more convenient to downtown. I’ve also landed at PNE. The airport is nice but the ride into town was long and expensive. Also I had to call a cab after landing and waited 20+ minutes for him to arrive. From PHL I would already be almost downtown.
One general rule with all Class B airports is to go IFR even if it’s a beautiful day. It’s MUCH easier.


I am frequently at PHL and have had very good experience with Atlantic. The only glitch might be if approach…vectors you to 17/35 when the wind is up out of the west. If you are there over a tuesday, they will top you off for about 1.80 per gallon (top off tuesdays)…It is a 15 minute ride downtown…

I agree with Jerry. PHL will likely cost you more in landing fees, ramp fees, taxes, etc., but will provide you with very good service. I’m based out of Baltimore (BWI) another large primary class B airport.

IFR is definitely a good idea. However, I’ve been into Philly a couple of times VFR and had no problems. Once you get on the ground, ask for progressive taxi to Atlantic Aviation. The fuel prices at Atlantic were very reasonable.

Jerry and Scott,

I will be on an IFR flight plan.

Do they separate us from the big aluminum by having us use one of the 5,000’ runways - or do they squeeze us in amongst the big guys on the long runways?

I would sure prefer the former.

Marty, in my experience you will usually get one of the shorter runways. Note though that you cannot land on 8 so if the winds are easterly and strong you will be on 9R or 9L.
If you would prefer a runway other than the one assigned, ask and tell them it’s for wake turbulence avoidance. Controllers are generally pretty helpful. They don’t want a wake incident any more than you. It’s lots of paperwork!
Have a good trip.