Need Info RE: KMIC

I will heading to Minneapolis in two weeks; flying into Crystal. Any recommendations for which FBO to spend the night with?

Hi I might be able to help. Just returned on Tuesday, but we landed at KANE - and hangered with Cirrus Aviation at $30 per night and $2.09 per gallon. Tell Damon or Randy that I sent you there …negotiated rates.

Also I suggest the St. Paul — Minnesota’s only 4 star hotel. Ask for Ben - let him know that I spoke with you and that you would like to do the same rate if he can. He usually is at $199 - $249 but gave me two rooms for $99 ea. His rate will depend upon availability.

Ok - Have fun ---- BTW Cirrus can get you a car…but Thrity was outragous at $89 per day for a crappy Concord in poor shape…I would suggest you " grind the Car rate " in advance !

Hope this helped…and Please tip Damon the line guy — he’ll work his butt off for you.

Safe Trip,

Scott Prinz

There’s only one FBO at MIC now after the closing of Northland. Crystal Shamrock charges $30 for overnight hangar and 3.50 for a tie-down. Their number is 763 533 2214. I’ve found the service to be quite good. Hope this helps


Over the years I have used both Crystal Shamrock and Crystal Skyways (across the field from each other) when visiting MIC. Try this

Skyways is nice and they sometimes have room in a hanger, however I would call ahead to confirm. Quite a spread of fuel prices too. Unfortunately don’t know much about Scotchman?
A nice convenient field to fly into, even though surrounded by neighborhoods.

David Schwietert 203 RF

You may also want to look into flying cloud (FCM) as well. There are many options there. Elliott Aviation, ASI/Modern Aero just to name a few.

Also worth considering is KANE (Anoka County at Blaine, MN). The fuel there is typically the cheapest in the Twin Cities. Most folks go to Cirrus Flight ( I think tie down is $25, they have car rentals and its about a 10 - 15 minute drive to the Crystal area. KANE is a great GA airport with two (9/27 and 18/36) very nice approx. 4000 ft. runways.

I forgot all about airnav, thanks for the link and memory refresher. I find the pilot comments about the FBO on any particular field very helpful.