The M12 tradeshow planning teams WANTS YOU!

Howdy All,

“Help me, Obi-Wan, you’re our last hope!”

We’re just getting ready to launch the vendor assault. Based on the current volunteer count, however, each of us have 25 vendors to personally contact. I don’t know about you, but my day job is going to make getting through that list in a timely manner a challenge.

Team K sure could use one or two more outgoing COPANs to make our task of attracting more vendors than ever to Migration attainable! If my not-so-subtle guilt trip has gotten your attention, please call me at 602-920-5400.



But if you want to work on a REAL team doing registration, and the fun stuff like that, don’t call Kevin. I mean . . . what kind of name is “Kevin” anyhow.

Just drop me a note saying that you are amoungst the daring and willing and you’ll get a t-shirt for being a volunteer at M12

NOTE: we pay double points for early volunteers.

Just remember that the T shirt may have been previously inhabited.


OK. Triple points & an autographed picture of the oldest living member of COPA


OK, fine. I’ve got original install disks (5.25") for Wordstar 1.1. I will make copies if there is more than one volunteer to Team K.


I will help Team K with vendor recruitment, but want my Wordstar disks. Separate spell check floppy must be included with the set. Seriously, I will help.

Hi Gary,

I think I have some Borland Turbo Lightning disks somewhere around here that will give you what you need. [:D]

THANKS MUCH FOR JOINING! We have a launch call set for tomorrow at 430pPDT. Can you make it? Please call my cell when you can: 602-920-5400.