M12 - the clock is ticking!

At the title implies, “early” registration for Migration 12 expires soon!

8-13-2014 5-06-09 AM.jpg

For anyone unfamiliar with the cutoff for early registration, please know that’s an arbitrary name - nothing particularly early about it. When planning Migration, there’s a point where various vendors (e.g., clothing, pins, food, hotel, etc.) need final numbers regarding items that we have to order/reserve. So, in 29 days, 18 hrs., and 52 min. from now, we’ll contact various folks about numbers of fleece vests and related sizes, badges & pins, meals, and the like. AND, at that time we’ll release unused hotel rooms in our reservation block so that Green Valley Ranch can attempt to rent them … and COPA can avoid stumbling into a deep financial pit. So, if you’ve delayed registering for Migration because it’s “early”, it’s not. Register now!

BTW for many years, COPA members in the western regions of the U.S. have intimated that they were being neglected since Migrations were being held in the eastern half of the U.S., areas where we have a higher population density of COPA members. *Well, this is your opportunity! *Many pilots from the east are actually considering flying commercial to M12 because of the required travel time/expense associated with their preferred mode of travel - Cirrus SR-2X. All our western region members have to do is tank up and take off. In a relative few hours, you’re in Vegas! No major mountain ranges to fly around. No unfamiliar terrain to consider. Great southwest flying weather in October. M12 is in your backyard. Come out and play with the rest of us… [:D]


And here is the breakdown by region for membership. Come on lets register now and make this the biggest and best migration ever. NW and SW, this is in our backyard We should have 796 registrations from those two regions.

COPA Members.JPG

If you’d like to attend the “pit party” sponsored by Cirrus Aircraft on Friday afternoon/evening, be sure and register! Cirrus needs to know the headcount to handle logistics. [H]