Volunteer Thanks

I have had the opportunity to play a very (and I mean very) small role in the planning and execution of M12. I want the membership to know what a stellar planning team we have had who planned and put M12 together and would like as a member to thank them all for the many many hours that have been spent to pull off what I understand will be the most well attended Migration to date. We all owe them all a lot of thanks for all of their hard work over the past several months.

i am sure this will be a great event- no doubt there will be a hitch or two, but from my behind the scenes view, I am really impressed by the M12 team and am sure everyone will have a blast …


[Y] +1000

The Migration Committee, from Chair Craig Albright all the way down to the COPA members who give even an hour of their time during the event as, for example, speaker introduction, put together not just a simple meeting, but a fly-in, seminar and symposium, social events, transportation, trade show, sponsorships, VIPS, speakers, speaker scheduling, web content, financials, food services and too many things to count. Many put in hundreds and hundreds of hours of their time and their resources to help make this a unique and memorable event. They pay the same registration fees as any of us, pay their own room bills and transportation costs, just as any attendee does. While attendees are relaxing, attending seminars and social events, they are busy, very busy, making sure the myriad of “moving parts” are all working and any hiccups, emergencies and last-minute changes are all taken care of quickly, quietly and efficiently. As I told Craig when he took over for me during M10: “Be like a duck; calm and unruffled on the surface, paddling like mad underneath.” The Migration Staff are world-class paddlers!!

Every one of us in COPA owe the Migration Committee a HUGE “thank you.” Please be sure to do so every chance you get.

Be safe and have fun,

This is an incredible task and I thank the volunteers for it. Thank you. I would love to be part of it when my schedule allows me little more freedom. Alex

Bill, Andy, and everyone,

Thanks for your kind words. To create and conduct an event the size of COPA Migration takes a dedicated planning team and a cadre of selfless volunteers. Of course, to make it affordable for most of us, it also takes sponsors and exhibitors willing to spend some of their marketing dollars to be in front of an appreciative audience of aviation enthusiasts. In short, there are a lot of factors in the equation to produce a successful event. Frankly, I’m happy if most of the folks coming to the “party” just have a good time…

Blue skies,


Bah, I’m sure it’s easy. I hear Dennis Haber did 99% of the real work. [:)]

Seriously, thank you. They should double the amount they are paying you to do this.

By “appreciative” Craig means that you all need to spend time with our exhibitors, and spend money with our exhibitors. Let them “feel the love”, preferably with small unmarked bills.

As for doing the work, to say this is a “team effort” really is an understatement. Working on the inside, I can tell you a few things, not the least of which is that I don’t want Craig’s job; he works far too hard (and smiles doing it).

Please all, keep in mind that, as a volunteer organization, we depend upon you and your efforts too. We are all part of a 3800 or so member volunteer team and your efforts make a difference as to who we are, and how we grow and develop.

Our volunteer motto is; We who serve, do so willingly . . . for an occasional beer.

We even have our own sign.

Would any volunteers prefer food? I can provide a bunch of these.

Another note of thanks to the Migration committee and the volunteers who contributed their time to create a very successful M12.

I can’t even imagine how much work it must be to pull this off.

Great post and totally agree. Migration comittee/team rocks!

Volunteer next year and you won’t have to imagine.

Dennis – Happy to volunteer, if you need someone with no useful skills. I have already flown to Tennessee, however. [:)]

  • Channing

Isn’t Nashville in Tennessee?

Yes, and I am willing to go there again, in spite of its distance from the Left Coast. [:O]