Yes, it’s true. You’re Uncle COPA needs you to help out

Don’t be shy. We’re all volunteers here… You can’t do anything dumb. Heck, most of us think that the magenta line is purple anyhow.

We have the need for 2 types of volunteer

TYPE 1 - You will be in charge of a speaker. That means that you will 1) introduce them; 2) keep them within the time constraints of their allocated time block (usually that involves jumping up and down and waiving them off when they get long winded), and 3) Generally making sure that things are set up for them.

TYPE 2 - Everything else. That means you could help out at check in, or run around following Craig and Andy bringing them coffee, or just about anything as the need arises. This falls into the “willing warm body” category.

Please let me know. There may even be a badge in it for you.

AND BTW, sign up for M13 NOW. The free jackets are only available to those who sign up by July 28th

For additional information, download the “Guidebook” and go to https://www.facebook.com/M13COPA, and click “LIKE” while your’e there.

I’ll do either.

I volunteer to greet people at the bar during the COPA Cabana party on Thursday (if the scheduled regular greeters pictured below are unable to attend):


I heard a rumor these are the greeters for Friday night. You have to register by July 28 to get to talk to them though. [:P]

How about if I’m already registered. Are there any additional extra benefits?

I believe you are kept with the lawyers. Enjoy!

I make a pretty good warm body. Let me know.

I plan to arrive on Wednesday around noon along with my wife Nancy. We are “warm body” types and ready to help out.

I’m available for either. I was also on the SOD list last year but due to an Alt 1 problem did not make it to Henderson. If you are putting together a SOD list for this year add me to it. A good match would be with a more liberal leaning member so I can be a positive influence.

To all M13 volunteers and/or volunteer wannabees;

We’re just 30 days out, and it’s time to call upon my volunteers to jump in with both feet. Now, before I scare you off, nothing is very complicated, but commitment is important. As some stage in the process, you offered to help and . . . well . . . here’s where the rubber meets the road and you can really help out.

These are a few of the volunteer tasks available.

SEMINAR SPEAKER MANAGER - This isn’t complicated, but it is important. As you know, we have many interesting seminars scheduled. Please download and review the various seminars as reflected in “GUIDEBOOK” ( https://guidebook.com/g/rivud7gb/?ref=badge&gid=34759 )

The “Seminar Speaker Manager” will have 3 primary functions.

A) Make sure the room is in order for the speaker, microphones are in place and working; “TEST !,2,3.” That’s about it.

B) Introduce the speaker - Nothing elaborate, but taking a moment to get to know them in advance will help your introduction

C) Keep track of their allocated speaking time. We’ll give you paddles to waive at them; a 5 minute warning toward the end, and a 1 minute warning that time is up. Running over is a problem for the next speaker

Again, please review the Guidebook and let me know which subject and speaker you would like to introduce / hear. That way, you will partake of the seminar while helping out

FAIR WARNING: Many will likely be interested in the same seminars, so please give me a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice, and please be flexible. I’ll do my best to assign you to the seminar of your choice, but please understand that it will likely be on a 1st come basis.

GUIDE BOOK INSTRUCTOR - Not everyone is totally computer literate. Just because they can use their Garmin and follow a magenta line doesn’t mean they can download a program Guidebook https://guidebook.com/g/rivud7gb/?ref=badge&gid=34759.

We’ll need 2 volunteers to be at the event Sign-in / Registration to help with souls who look lost and haven’t figured out how to download guidebook. These will be 2 hour shifts. Please let me know if you are available for more than 1 - 2 hour shift.

MENTOR - This is a great way to meet new members. Several new folks have requested a friendly face to bring them into the fold. This will involve calling your Mentee and arranging an initial meeting point at M13. After that, there are no rules. Perhaps introduce them to some of your COPA friends, but generally, make them feel welcome into the COPA Life.

OTHER JOBS - Other tasks might be waiting in the wings, so if you don’t see anything above that you like, just let me know that you are still willing, and I’ll keep you on standby.

Thanks to all of you. COPA is an incredibly vibrant volunteer organization focused on flying adventure, safety, and training. Thanks for your participation.

Please respond directly to me at:




You can do this even if you’re not a Mentor! [Y]

Let us know if you come up short.

John you just can’t keep a secret can you. Next you will be letting everyone know about the need for the Bikini waxers for the Maverick Cheer leaders.

You are going to burn up Dennis’s email with volunteer request.

I sent an email to you stating that I am happy to help and I haven’t heard from you. So, I am just checking that you received the message and if you need my help, just let me know. Happy to do it.

Thanks Cindy and we appreciate your involvement. For whatever the reason, I can’t find that email.

Could you resend it along with your phone #, and I have no doubt at all that we will find something to do that will make a valuable contribution. We’ve still got a few days, and I’m juggling things even now.


I sent you an email and a private message on COPA. However, I will help with anything on Thursday. I will be happy to introduce a speaker if needed on Saturday afternoon. However, if your volunteer list is filled, I am happy to be a just a participant. Whatever you need. Thanks