SR22 quoted $ and delivery

Anyone know what Cirrus is quoting for a 22 order placed today. Estimated cost and delivery date?
Bob SR22 101VM

Just signed contract on 22 a few days ago, B package $294,700 and we got one of the last slots for 8/02. I also heard (not officially) that the price will be going up in the near future, possibly approx $15k.

That should add fuel to the fire that SR20 buyers are getting screwed royally by the production schedule. The waiting list for a just-ordered -22 is 8 months while I still have a 13 month wait for the -20 I ordered 21 months ago. Talk about profit margins all you want but something just isn’t quite right with that kind of customer service.

Mike, I don’t blame you one bit - something smells somewhere! That just plain isn’t OK!!! And as an SR20 position holder I don’t like it either.

No here is the scenario where they would be screwing the 20 holders. Here we go " build all the 20’s that were bought for next to nothing and go bankrupt and then everyone losses deposits and time. Just a thought that was probably a lot closer in the beginning than some wish to believe. The 22 is my opinion has saved a sinking ship…Ed


Yes I ordered my SR20 12 months ago and the last I heard from a few months ago is that the delivery will be around April 2003 !!!

I understand, but don’t buy that argument, Ed. For one, the contract price on my SR20 is only about 8k less than the current list price. I didn’t get any super discount price like the earliest position holders who took the biggest risk. Two, they have to fill those orders at the contract price anyway so how does building them a year later with higher labor and material price make it more profitable (The CPI adjustment supposedly stops at the contract delivery date). Three, CD’s recent infusion of $100+ million in capital should alleviate your concerns.

I love Cirrus Design and can’t wait to get my plane, but the scenario, as I see it is: Potential new customer wants to plunk down a deposit on a new airplane. Sales staff tells the guy the wait for a -20 is 2 1/2 years, but for 60ish more I can have you in a better (more profitable) -22 in 8 months.

I don’t blame CD for building -22’s a little faster than -20’s. Getting a -22 even 6 months faster would not be unreasonable. But manipulating the production schedules to produce a 2 year difference in wait time is wrong.