sr20 delivery slips 3 months

I have just been advised by cirrus that my sr20 delivery (position 341) has slipped another 3 month and delivery is now expected 8/15/02. Very disappointing news. Advise you check you delivery schedule. Mine
was scheduled for Feb /02 then April 02/ now August 02.

sorry to here that I have mine and I know it tuff to wait but maybe for you like me the wait worked out good lots of improvments. Did anyone say why the wait.From Don

I for one am appalled by this prospect. Yes that makes it another 6 month delay from the March 01 schedule update. I wouldn’t survive in my business by treating people this way. This is so contrary to what was expected after the wonderful $100 million bailout. Instead of seeing our SR20’s sooner it’s later? What’s wrong with this picture? I joined COPA for several reasons one of which was to have owners and position holders have a substantial voice with Cirrus Design - where is that voice now when SR20 position holders are taking a back seat to Cirrus Design’s current business plan???

I retired this month planning on having my plane in February. This totally does suck.

I retired this month planning on having my plane in February. This totally does suck.

My sympathies!

We’re not exactly on each others’ doorsteps… but I’ll stop by LBE (or the nearest airport to you) whenever I can, so you can fly mine; and it goes without saying that if you’re ever in NJ, the same offer stands.

  • Mike.

Thanks Mike!

This is very disturbing. That is not a 3 month slip in production, that is a 6 month slip in production. There is currently a 3 month delay in production over the previously promised production schedule. In view of the past promises it is doubtful that this new date is in fact a valid estimate. What was the reason given? When does Cirrus plan to inform the others on the waiting list? If this is true and unless 22’s are also delayed, it seems like SR-22 production is boosted again at the expense of the SR-20 position holders. Recent posts seem to indicate that there are very few 20 deliveries. The press reports for Airshares Elite state that the company will take delivery of approx. 45 SR-22’s during the year beginning in Aug 2001. I wonder if this is a reason if the production of the 20 is being reduced again.

I don’t like to jump on the “Cirrus is screwing us” bandwagon, and do so reluctantly. There was a post in the last few days about Air Shares Elite (I believe) ordering 40-some SR-22’s. Assuming this to be true, I believe you can make two other assumptions.

  1. They didn’t pay full retail price (I have no problem with that)
  2. They ain’t about to wait two years for their first plane.

Therefore CD had two choices:

  1. Jump their big customer ahead of everyone in line. Certainly that duck would NEVER fly; or
  2. Rape the SR-20 position holders by focusing on SR-22 production to move SR-22’s out the door and get to Air Shares’ order in time to meet their contracted deadline.

Before you SR-22 holders jump all over me about what a necessary and brilliant business move it is, if someone had ordered 50 SR-20’s instead, you would be the ones playing with yourselves while we lowly SR-20 drivers were punching Cirrus-shaped holes in the clouds.