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Today 5/23/02 The person in the delivery department took my phone call. I asked about what projected week in October it could be expected. This person asked me if I had recieved a letter from the factory to all order holders back in December, I answered “No, I had not.”

I’m really disappointed in the factory amending the delivery schedule for my airplane. This is the third time this has happened for my airplane BUT if I upgrade to a SR22 I would not have an ammended delivery schedule (and be 100,000 dollars poorer). Seems as though they have not determined profit margins on the two models SR20 and SR22 and it’s easier to put the SR20 off because the factory is making more profit on the SR22. I’m not sure how accurate this view is. What do others think who may be in this position?

It’s a well known fact that for more than a year SR20 positions slide in order to make SR22’s at a faster pace. None of us SR20 position holders are happy about it, but I guess Cirrus has decided it is the right business move for them. All good things come…eventually…to those who wait.

What is your position number and what expected delivery date did they give you?

Dear Joe,
I think everybody decide to buy an Cirrus SR20 like that Cirrus will stay for long time in business and continue to supply him warranty, part etc…
Cirrus explain clearly why decid to stop SR20 production for the “22”. They need apx same time to buid SR20 or 22; delivering 22 they take more margin profit, this mean to continue in business, development and improvement on the next delivery aircraft.
I’m SR20 holder order (feb.'01) and I took three delay until now… something not I like but… Many improbement on the SR20 are been fit in the 20 untill now and maybe will be. Cirrus is groving up, received investor money and now theyr asset is much better than few month ago.
So, because I wont to fly my next SR20 for a long time, I’m waiting not happy but understanding why.
I haven’t no interest “to receive now my aircraft and ground it later” because there isn’t more Cirrus company, no spare parts… nothings.
Do you agree

should have had a clause in the contract to address unjustified and unreasonable excessive delays—perhaps a $ penalty to cirrus for each month.

certainly engineering difficulties could be considered jusified, but deciding to sell a more profitable product could not be contrued as such by any attorney.

oh well, too late now!

I’m with you Larry. Before the infusion of money last year you could make a life-or-death argument for switching to 22 production. Not now. My biggest beef with Cirrus has been their abandonment of the pioneer SR20 position holders while using their deposit money to build 22’s for others. Unconscionable, IMHO.

My second biggest beef is arrogance. Making wild promises about car-like quality at bargain-basement prices, implicitly saying that the “Spam-can” builders have no idea of how to build a modern airplane. “Yachts, airplanes, what’s the difference!” Well, it’s turned out to be a bit harder than they thought to get high quality at a low price. Maybe they’ll do it some day. I wish them well. But they invited criticism by their exaggerated claims early on and their de-facto reneging on them by the low priority they give to those took them at their word and ordered an SR20.


Detto molto bene!

We waited a good 6 months longer than expected (from July '01 to January '02) to get our SR20. It was definitely worth the wait!


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