SR20 weight

Does anyone know if the SR20’s coming off the line in the last month are certified for 3,000lbs max weight? I would also like to know what empty weight are bieng seen in the ‘new’ SR20. Thanks Mike

I just got back from picking up my 20 yesterday the wheat came in alittle high at 2140. I dont know why but I o have the 3000 usful its in the POH. So that makes it oficial. Mr bently says its hard to control these things. From Don Now 705DM

What was your plane’s weight? My 20 ‘B’ model came in at 2071 vs. 950 they claim.

Do you have the A, B or C configuration?

A few months ago, the infamous “Jeff” said that Cirrus was changing from a 3M fiberglass product to a different “cheaper” one and that they were laying it up a lot thicker. He thought that there might be a weight penalty. Do you suppose that there was truth to that and maybe you’re seeing the effect?

It’s been my understanding, from past discussions with a Cirrus official, that the 950 “target” useful load for the SR20 is for the “A” config. So, for the “B”, one must subtract from the 950 figure the apx 7 lbs required for the “B” equipment, subtracting also the weight of options such as leather(4 lbs) , 3 blade prop (15 lbs.) ,stormscope (4 lbs apx), and Arnav engine monitoring (2.5). This would give an adjusted “target” figure, for making a judgment as to how far “off” from target the a/c is, with regard to its weight. Therefore, it’s impossible to tell from raw figures whether a certain plane is “heavy” or not w/o knowing all the options it has, and what config it is.

Yea, but 2140 is heavy no matter how you look at it. Mine is 2104 with everything you can get to add weight.

Maybe it’s the new decals!


I have the C modle with stormscope sandel and 3 blade Don

Mine was also 2104, loaded with just about everything.

> Yea, but 2140 is heavy no matter how you look at it. Mine is 2104 with everything you can get to add weight.


Agree. Mine, a ‘C’ model with all the “weight options”, came in at 2121 lbs. It was close to the last SR20 off the line in February (it may have been the very last).


Ours is very heavy. Picking it up tomorrow. 2122 pounds. “B” package SR20A with leather, 2 blade, Sandel HSI, 2nd Alt, Stormscope.

Rather disappointing actually.