SR20 New CG Envelope

Now that it looks like us early SR20 owners are getting the extra 100 pounds (yes!!), can any of the new SR20 owners provide the new 3000# weight & balance envelope? The POH on the Cirrus website has the 2900# envelope.

Something to do on a weekend when my plane is extremely flyable and the weather isn’t. :<(


Andy, here’re the coordinates from a very recent SR20’s POH:
(They start at the lower left of the envelope and work their way clockwise):



Hmm, apart from the extension at the top to 3000lbs, that is exactly the same as the old POH, i.e. no change to forward and aft CG limits.

Glenn, this is very useful, thanks.

I am on the road and don’t have the following information on hand, but I wonder if someone else has its convenient (or memorized). What is the “arm” applied to the airplane’s Basic Empty Weight, for calculating the moment of the airplane itself? The BEW of my plane is 2106 (or was, before I left various junk in it), and for purposes of tinkering with your chart I’d be grateful for “arm” data about the airplane itself. Thanks, Jim F.

I don’t have the numbers for our plane handy, but here’s data from the example problem in recent versions of the training manual: empty weight, 2100 lb.; arm=137.69".

If you want to work some examples, the other stations have the following moment arms:
Front Seat Occupants…143.5"
Rear Seat Occupants…185.0"


The numbers from 1166 (“C” with 2 blade prop) are: 2118, 141.3, and a moment of 299.2. Using the data from the sample problem by the time I reach my destination solo I will have exceeded the forward CG limit. Using the actual plane numbers I can put 446 pounds in the front seat without exceeding the forward CG limit.

Art, Glenn, thanks for these numbers. Agree that there is something fishy about the work-book experiment figures, so I’ll use the “arm” from Art’s figures. jf