SR20 delivery delays - from Cirrus' newsletter *DELETED*

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I received same post and would like to see a schedule of sr20 and sr22 deliveries.

Could someone post a copy of the new Cirrus production schedule on the forum. My E-mail is down for the week and I have a feeling my “hurry up and wait” letter is there.
Much appreciated.

Clark #765
Oct 2002.,
no April 2003,
no Nov…

Hey, it’s progress. SR20 #72 was promised in 5/98 and delivered in 5/00. I’m sure the earlier positions had it even worse.

It’s a little sad that they’re still this far off after all this time, but maybe their crystal ball is getting clearer.

The difference is your delays were due to the complexities of FAA certification, switching avionics providers, capital raising, start up of a new company, etc. The current delays are due to the fact that CD is servicing one group of customers (SR22 orders) at the expense of another group (SR20 orders)

I suspect that the current delays are a product of a number of issues and business tradeoffs. Preferential treatment of 22 customers may be a factor, but I’m sure it’s not the only one. Such decisions are not made lightly.

Running a business is hard; running one where the costs are high and the margins are thin is even harder. I’m sure that they would like to deliver everybody’s planes tomorrow and keep everyone happy–it’s nothing personal.

Doesn’t make it any more fun or any less galling to wait, of course. The earlier folks had a different set of things to piss us off (somewhere I still have a copy of a rather pointed letter I sent to the execs sometime in late '98) and a lot of them looked unnecessary from the outside as well.

The mantra hasn’t changed after lo these many years–the contract provides you with a remedy which you are free to exercise. Some people did, most didn’t, and just about everybody is satisfied with their decision either way.

I am just frustrated and blowing off steam. Of course I’ll keep waiting.