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I am happy to report that Suzi Knox at Cirrus informed me today that my 22 should be ready by July. Apparently, they are now producing 1.8 22’s/day. That is pretty impressive. At this rate it is possible that Cirrus may be the leading producer of single engine aircraft this year. Suzi said that they were delivering #156 today.

What is your position number? According to my spreadsheet, (based on posted delivery dates), your # should be between 272 and 287
I talked to Suzi today and she confirmed that my delivery (position #258) is still in June. I know the numbers get moved around (a friend of mine got her SR20 moved up because she’s 70 and wanted to fly before she lost her medical), but the 1.8/day doesn’t compute.

Position Delivery Date
156 Feb 28 (My guess was 2/17, so that slipped.)
258 June 30

That’s 102 positions. Assuming 20 working day’s per month, it works out to 1.3 deliveries/month.


Anyone know what the SR-2X production mix for February was? Would be nice if we had a “scorecard” for each month with a breakdown of production by model type. What do you think Steve?

Don’t want to inject undue hope to the 20 position holders, but it seems Cirrus may have room in the schedule for a fair number of 20’s in March. I am SR 22 # 181, due for delivery April 3. That is the first date Cirrus said it would be available. If they are delivering # 156 today, and the 1.8 figure relates solely to 22’s, then my delivery date would be March 22. Maybe this is an anomaly, but there seems to be some room in there. 33 days and counting !!!

My SR22 is #311. The original date was Sept. 30 when I contracted in December. Suzi said that she thought mine would be delivered in July. I asked her what the rate was and she said it is 1.8 Planes/day and they’re looking for 2. I asked if this was for the 22 and she said yes. I asked her what number they’re doing today and she said #156. I would suspect that they’re talking about 1.8 planes/work day or about 36-38/month. That would be 36x5=180 22’s by July 30th. I hope it all works out that way.


It’s pretty easy to add this type of stuff to the site. The problem is where to get the information from. I doubt Cirrus would be willing to notify us every time someone takes delivery of a 20 or a 22. So, we could have the members submit when they get their own planes, to develop a “scorecard”.

But this isn’t really much different from the “View Members Delivery Dates” function on the main page, which already doesn’t get updated as much as it probably should…

Let me know if I’ve missed the exact functionality of what you’re suggesting - is it something that is substantially different than the current function?


Thanks for the rapid reply! I am suggesting a monthly listing(i.e. scorecard), of model deliveries as shown below… The numbers are just test data.

Month… 20 22 Total
Jan… 5 15 20
Feb… 1 20 21

The data would be updated at the close of each month and not on a daily basis. The source of the data should be Cirrus who can provide COPA an update at the end of each month. Hope this clears things up. Have a great trip!

What was the last SR-20 delivered ? Any recent Duluth visitors seen any on the production line ?


Just talked to Michelle yesterday and she confirmed that my SR22 position #250 is still due in June. That is the month that Cirrus stated when I made my deposit last July. So, my projected delivery month has not changed at all for the entire time that I have had the position.

Hi Daniel,
I hope the 1.8 planes per day rate is for real! I plugged the numbers into my spreadsheet and my position #258 would be delivered on May 22nd, and your position would be on July 3rd. Thanks for your feedback.

Walt N224AZ

What was the last SR-20 delivered ? Any recent Duluth visitors seen any on the production line?


I believe the last SR20 to be delivered to date was S/N 1178, which Dapper David Raab picked up in Duluth at the end of January. (Glenn Beltz and I picked up 1174 a couple of days before.)


I am due to take delivery of SR-20 S/N 1180 on March 18th and have seen photos of it on the assembly line so I know there is at least one or two on the line. Registration C-GDET.

If Cirrus is building at 1.8/day, #250 should be delivered on May 15th. Wouldn’t that be nice!

Walt N224AZ

If yours was going to be delivered in early June and mine #311 perhaps in late July the numbers seem to still make sense.

What is your SR20 contract number?

For what it’s worth, at 12/31/01, Cirrus reported on its web site a total of 278 aircraft delivered. Today, they are reporting 323, which probably doesn’t include some deliveries this week (although that may have been true at 12/31/01 too).

With reported deliveries year to date of 45 aircraft and assuming 40 work days (not counting MLK Day in January and Presidents Day in February), they would appear to be shipping roughly 1.1 to 1.2 aircraft per day.

They have a way to go to get to 1.8 per day.


Sorry, I should have included that in the last post. Position #268.