SR20 Delivery dates

SR2 Contract holders may want to ask their sales reps and/or Cirrus about plans that may put near term profitability at odds with SR20 delivery dates. SR22s look much better on the bottom line even though it is the SR20 and the waiting unguaranteed deposits that put Cirrus on the map in the first place.

I e-mailed questions about this to Cirrus on 12/13 but have yet to get an answer

under “what’s new” on the front page of the copa site, members can enter their position and delivery dates. some have already begun doing this.

unless you have heard anything in the last month or so from cirrus, you can count on whatever your delivery date was supposed to be, to be 3+ months later. a position holder in the high 200 range is being told that may '02 is the earliest he should expect his plane. i hear second hand that position holders will be receiving revised delivery dates in the next couple of weeks.

I may be a bit slow on the up take. But I find it had to believe the a late 200 contract can be due in May no earlier. That doesn’t fit with the numbers already delivered, nor the increase in production. I was told by CD 2 weeks ago that I was looking at late May early June. So what is up?

I admit it is confusing. I DO know that position #286 has written communication saying May earliest. They ended up selling their position. Perhaps we will hear from Cirrus soon and get this all straightened out.