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I am considering the purchase of a SR22 and am looking for the comparison between Generations. I require the difference in specs and the different options available between the generations and differences in spec and options within each generation. I am unable to find these differences in a cohesive format. please help make sense of it all.



Sure; The G1’s are:

  • Less expensive

  • depreciated out

  • have the bugs worked out

  • the door lock/handle works better

  • More appropriate for technological upgrades (the old stuff is old)

  • TKS & PFD are available on many if that is important
    The G2’s are

  • Pretty much the same as G1’s except the door locks don’t works as well
    The G3’s are

  • A tad faster

  • Twice the price, or more

  • Some are certified known ice (if you need that)

  • Have blue buttons that get you upright faster

  • Have a Garmin 1000 with alot more buttons to push
    They all

  • Run out of gas

  • need cleaning

  • Require you to remove the tow bar before starting the engine

  • Require a thoughtful understandng about the overhead of ownership

Newton. If you join copa it will open up access to many lively conversations about this topic. In addition you will be able to retrieve electronically a copy of the Jan/Feb 2008 issue of copa magazine that compares in great detail the different models through history.


Appreciate the input set forth above, and I look forward to meeting up with you for one of your Sunday Breakfast clubs @ Tamiami one of these weeks.

With regards to your final point, I have heard many mixed #'s as to the understanding the overhead of ownership, can you give an accurate account of what you believe the annual cost total, and per/hr including TBO and Chute Repack reserves in a 2003 vs. 2006. If these costs are the same, what is everything including annual.




Lots of discussion on this on the members’ side including a breakout of expenses for one of the first chute repacks. It would require a LOT of effort to repost the massive amount of data over here. There are older threads where people compare costs of annuals etc. I suggest you join and set aside a LOT of reading time. [:)]


Thank you, will do!


Owning a plane, any plane is kind of like children.

  • when both ideas are created, the parties have little to no idea what they are getting in to.
  • no matter how much you plan, both have unexpected costs.
  • everyone that has one is surpised by how much they cost
  • They all turn out better or worse, and expectations normally change as time goes on
  • your reasons for getting one is an illusion created in your mind; having one is a wholy different experience
  • If you knew the costs, would you change your mind
  • Are you having one based upon need, want, ego advantage, tax advantage, emotional fullfillment, or just fullfilling your life expectancy.

Every question you ask will have multiple responses

For example. Once would think that the answer to how much an annual inspection cost, should be a simple question, but it’s not

  • Is the Annual during a warranty period?
  • will 20-24 hours do it, or is there something wrong that needs to be fixed
  • Is what is being fixed, necessary or optional
  • are you going to spend money on upgrades
  • are you going to spend gobbs of money on data bases
  • are you going to indulge in airplane stuff; ox tank, special visors, gadget bag, raft, portable telecom system, etc., etc.
  • how will use the aircraft; business, recreational
  • must you have a hangar, or is a tie down acceptable
    You see where I’m going

Anyone who tells you a specific cost is either snowing you or is dillusional (common among pilots)

A single engine cost between 10k and 2.5 mil give or take; pick your poison

CIrrus operational costs seem to run between $60 per hr. (the cost of gas if you borrow someone else’s plane) to $600.00 per figuring in the aircraft purchase, interest, maint, variable, and fixed expenses.

So the best answer is . . .

FOLLOW YOUR HEART, because you can’t take it with you. There is no right or wrong answer.

Dennis is correct to follow your heart as long as the wallet can feed the habit. Year to year costs will vary widely but an old rule of thumb is 2 1/2 to 3 times the current fuel cost times the gallons used per hour. 3 times has been just about right on when we smooth the data for 5 years of history. If you fly 100 hours a year and $25,000+ a year scares you then walk away and rent.

thanks for the responses,


Dennis, you are a poet and philosopher!!! No else could have got it better about owning a plane!!

Does anyone know if you can view any kind of post flight data in Garmin
Perspective System? (like a “FDR.” Flight Data Recorder)

Yes, is the easiest tool to analyze. There are several data loggers on the aircraft depending on which model/generation

You don’t happen to know the serial number change over do you? Particularly for the SR22 model? I believe our aircraft is a mutant!

They are all mutants. It’s not as if a model or year was in some way connected with “change”.

Mine is a G1, but is full PFD w/ Flight Director and TKS. Bang for the buck, I’ll stick with mine.

My suggestion is just go with what you like, want, and/or need in an aircraft, and don’t focus on “serial numbers”

I would rather a loaded G1 that is well taken care of, than a G3 owned by a group of some type, and BTW, be careful about some modifications.

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