New Member, Hello and a few questions.

I’ve read the manuals twice and just begun VF training. I should finish Apr/May time frame and plan to get a plane then start IFR training. The sr22 seems like a great platform and my wife might actually get in a small plane with a parachute lol. I’m excited. As I look at planes near me, there is a G2 with 1900 hours, a few updates and dfc90. For the same price a few more hours away, there is a G1 with full R9 upgrage/df100 and 1700 hours. All other things equal, what is the better buy/plane? Just to give me some perspective… thanks and I look forward to searching around the forums.

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A G1 with only 1700 hours may have engine corrosion issues. Whatever you might buy, make sure your purchase agreement gives you the unconditional right to walk after a good pre-buy inspection. Recommend Savvy Mx.

Thanks for the advice. one is a 2002 and the other a 2004. I’m assuming both are near an engine rebuild. The g1 seems to have about 70k in avionics upgrades while the g2 only has upgraded autopilot. I would want to get ifd550 for the g2, rebuild engine and likely swap a magneto for electronic ignition in the process. Will still be a lot less than getting g4 or newer with g1000… I’ll hold off on spending big $$ until I’m sure the wife/kids will fly w me.

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P.S. FYI There is no such thing as a Cirrus G4. Wonder why? Check here.

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LOL, rookie mistake on the g4. I noticed they went to g1000 somewhere in the g3 cycle and just assumed there was a g4. I have not paid the $65, but likley will soon. What I’d really like to have some day is a m350, but not spending that kind of $$ until I know flying will work out for the family and get some personal experience…this will be my first plane

OK, dangit… I just paid the $65

I’ve got a G2 that’s almost identical to the one you’re looking at. I love flying it. The concern I’d have with the G1 is that the R9 is practically an orphan. It’s a great system, from what I hear, though.

Looking only the airframe, the G1 has the advantage that it doesn’t have the “slam to close” doors.

My strong recommendation is to find a good buyer’s agent. I went with The Flight Academy in Seattle. Don’t worry about the location, I’ve never met them in person. They really help you evaluate the pros and cons of different planes. Also, they’re great for negotiating the purchase price, coordinating the pre-buy and negotiating with the seller for fixing discrepancies.

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I am. Promise :slight_smile:

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