Buying an Sr22

I have been flying a Pipier Comanche for twenty years and have had a partner for the same. The plane has been and still is a great airplane. My partner recently retired and moved from Ca. to Ohio. I have sold my half. I have been looking at cirrus as possibly my next plane. I have been out for a ride in a 2004. VERY nice. I realize that each new year cirrus has refined aspects of the plane. Is there a downside to owning an earlier model like a 2004 or 2003. They all look very nice. I’ll leave the question there

03 and 04 are the best bang for your buck in my opinion. The 06 has a bit better electrical system and some other refinements. 02 and earlier have steam gauges and most do not have ice protection. The major difference in the 03-04 is G1 vs G2 which means a different fuselage. The doors on the G2’s are slammers vs a handle you must engage. Both have their pro’s and con’s, just boils down to personal preference. The G2 offers improved crashworthiness, and a simpler parachute re-pack. It is also a hair wider apparently (though I have never noticed). The cowling is three pieces and easier to remove on the G2. Interior parts are mostly interchangeable with new. If you look at a G1, have an experienced cirrus pilot fly it first since there is more variance in their construction. Some are slower than others, flying characteristics etc…

Good luck

Join COPA and then download the PDF of the issue of Cirrus Pilot magazine that covered the differences. There were often changes twice in the year. You really have to go by serial number and not model year. For example my plane (March 2006) is just a few planes after the change to a 100A alt1 as standard. Good luck.

I moved up to 2006 Cirrus about 1.5 years ago. Nice and roomy for the wife.
Had flown G1 (2001) some before purchasing mine.
I prefer the slammer doors but just have to get use to either one.
2006 over 2001 interior is more “finished”. 2006 was perfect for me…looked new.
Remember parachute repack which is basically $1000 per year reserve. If looking at 2003 you will be spending about 10k soon (potential for reduction if non cirrus able to get approval to do it…but not yet).
If you and your missions do not involve need for anti-Ice then may gain a few knots with older wing.

What are the avionics (WASS)? Autopilot? Alternator/ electrical upgraded in past?
Buying older and new paint, new interior may give you a great looking plane for significant savings… If paint and interior are good, even better.

Join COPA( not joining COPA Before buying was one thing I would do different. Even if you do not bur Cirrus would give you great forum of knowledge. Call me.

Dave, I owned a 2003 and 2005. My partner may be leaving. Drop me an email if you’re interested in my 2005 GTS. All options plus upgrades, 900 hrs, NDH. Jeff